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Every Saturday I share a link that is film related to our blog. Sometimes those links are found in different news feeds, other times I find them right here on Stage 32. If they stir up a good conversation, then to me, they're worth sharing.

This one did ruffle some feathers, but let's give it a read and finish the conversation with a healthy debate.

I will start by saying: The pilot I just shot is written by me and includes flashbacks and narration. When I first read the article linked below I thought, "F*ck!"  ("I'm sorry, but I did. That was my very first thought.)


Is Narration a Sign of Amateur WritingLighting the way for a scene in STICKS. We ended up using part of the scene again for a flashback sequence that was not originally written in the script.


And then, as fast as that thought came, it was washed away.

I'm not worried. I wrote a damn good pilot and it's funny and heart wrenching and intriguing and I feel my choices tell a good story. So in my wee, humble opinion, you use what you need to tell the very best story possible. If you need a tool like narration or flashbacks to tell it, all the power.

What do you think?
Give the link a read below and then come back and comment right here on Stage 32.


Read More Here:

Studies in Voice Over Narration



Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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