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On the request of a screenwriting manager friend, I recently published a story on Medium titled Know Thy Elevator Pitch! about an experience I had shared with him over lunch.  He believed he could use the tale as a teaching experience not only for his clients, but for other managers in his firm to share with their clients as well.

By request of quite a few screenwriters who use our Happy Writers services, today, I am also sharing the story here.  Whether you're a screenwriter, a filmmaker, an actor, any other creative or simply an entrepreneur (and as creatives, aren't we all entrepreneurs?), it's my hope that it might inspire you to be as prepared as possible so that when opportunity comes knocking, you can answer the call.



It’s been said that luck is where preparation meets opportunity. Only one of those things is completely in your control — preparation. Whether you’re a screenwriter, a filmmaker, an entrepreneur or anyone else trying to draw attention and support to a personal or professional endeavor, there’s no excuse not to have your elevator pitch down cold. It needs to be practiced, honed and memorized so that when opportunity rears its head, the words roll off your tongue with an undeniable confidence.

This is a horror story, but please don’t avert your eyes...


To read the rest of Know Thy Elevator Pitch! please click here.


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