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Today we are excited to announce that the January 2016 edition of the On Stage With RB online broadcast is now available to watch on-demand! This advice-packed 3 hour session has been widely considered one of the best On Stage With RB broadcasts! In this webacst RB had on 2 incredible industry guests:

Up first was Daniel Kendrick, manager and development executive at Chatrone (Robot Chicken, Spongebob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Lego Movie) who talked about Chatrone’s film The Book Of Life and it’s Golden Globe nomination. He also talked about great tips for animation creatives to get into the industry that apply to all disciplines. It’s a fun and must-watch interview!

Then, up next RB had on producer Jason Mirch (Flight, The Help, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel). Jason talked about if you are an indie creative looking to take your material into your own hands and looking to make your own material, you need to be educated on your material, your budget and your market. He offered great advice and helpful tips to move your project along!


To watch the January 2016 edition of On Stage With RB, Click Here!


 Then, RB opened up the floor for an interactive Q&A with questions including:

  • How does someone figure out their budget and returns on investment?
  • How do I know someone is "meaningful" for a project; are there signs for me to recognize early on?
  • I'm from another country and got a job (not in the industry) in the US. Where to start if I want to be an actor and scriptwriter/songwriter in the US?
  • Jason said film school won't teach you about the business end. Are their mentors or institutions out there who do teach the business end, like to be a line producer?
  • How do you label your movie file when submitting it?
  • Will RB be doing a crowdfunding panel at Tribeca this year like last year?
  • In terms of contest feedback, what do contest readers look for the most when you send a re-submission? Overall improvement, or the writers immediate willingness to implement, without complaint or hesitation, the readers suggestions to improve the script?
  • Are demo reels with an opening with your headshot not in style anymore? Should you just have a scene with your name on the scene for a few seconds? Demo styles have changed.
  • As a composer starting out, what is the best approach to get work in Film/TV?
  • For newbies to networking and the industry, what can they offer to others while networking? What are the best ways to make it a two-way street before you have a lot to offer?
  • I understand that it needs to be only one sentence and no character names but what else is important about a log line.
  • You mentioned you have your own a project you’re working on, can you tell us about it?
  • Most of the emphasis in American Film is on LA and breaking into Hollywood. What do you know about interaction between American and International filmmaking? Do you think there is collaboration that can be considered a legitimate threat to the major studios? Is it worth it, in your opinion, to invest in foreign film as an alternative to breaking into the US market?
  • Are contest readers more subjective or objective when it comes to particular genres? And if so, how should a screenwriter approach entering their work in contests?
  • Not a question but a thank you for bringing these to us without it sounded fake. Thank you for being real. Now a question, are you looking at more improvements on Stage 32 this year or are you happy with what you see now?
  • I've written a TV Bible for an animated series targeted at the 9-12 crowd. I've shown it to a couple industry professionals in Calgary, and they both said that I should shorten it to about 3-4 pages. In that case, should I make separate "Pitch version" of the bible that's cut down to a couple pages, while keeping my longer version for writing reference?
  • I keep being told that I need to work in the industry before I can’t get a manager because I "don't know anyone yet." This doesn’t seem to make sense, can you offer advice?
  • Any plans to update the Stage 32 app?
  • Has there every been any success stories that have come from Stage 32?
  • What words of encouragement do you offer absolute newbies? What would you warn against?
  • What is your take on the content on studio vs. indie and TV shows these days?
  • Could you recommend some good cameras to film with? I’m trying to invest in some film equipment.
  • What are your thoughts on the Oscar nominations?
  • What are your thoughts on web series? Will it help your career?
  • What has been most rewarding since you started Stage 32?
  • I just joined – a friend told me about it on Facebook and I’m hooked. I’m a little nervous to put my work up on my profile. Can you give me any advice?
  • I sent a script to someone I want to co-produce with and it’s been a few months since I’ve heard anything does that mean that they’re not interested?
  • Has there been a favorite discussion you’ve been involved in on Stage 32?


You don't want to miss this incredible edition of On Stage With RB!

Click here to watch!


To view all past On Stage With RB broadcasts with great guests and hundreds of hours of advice, click here now!

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