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The music world has traveled light years from the early days of music videos when MTV and VH1 cornered the market. Multiple cameras, complicated graphics, and big hair were what pulled us into a Motley Crue video. No doubt, some serious cash flow was also part of the equation.

Okay, maybe the big hair pulled me in, too.

Regardless, getting home from school to watch MTV in an attempt to catch my favorite video and record it became a mission like no other. I wanted to be Pat Benatar mixed with a little Joan Jett but dress like Cyndi Lauper, too. And I wanted to be in a high-tech video that made me look just as awesome and powerful as they did.

Little did I know during my dreamscape that the landscape of making a music video would change.

Making a Music Video With No Budget in One Day

Below is an article from No Film School where Jordy Vandeput of digs in, talking about film transitions and other tips to help you make your own music video on a low budget in one day.

Today, a low-budget setup and a massive imagination are all that’s needed to create a compelling music video. Using a tripod and a slider, you can watch how Jordy recreates a video with no cash. Discover other transitions you can use to make your music video pop, too.

And, he does it all without big hair. (Sort of.)


Click below to read:

Creative Camera Moves and Transitions
You Can Use on Your Next Music Video

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