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Happy Monday Stage 32 Family! This is the first Monday Blog of March and we wanted to kick the week and the month off by reflecting on all of the success our members had over the month of February. We have a fantastic network of over 500 development executives, managers, producers and agents who educate, mentor, and offer script services to our members. These executives offer valuable industry advice and help our writers figure out where their projects will best fit in the market.

Sometimes, the stars align and an executive will connect with a piece of material and an introduction is facilitated. Finding a champion for a project is always exciting, and in the month of February, we had a lot of exciting news to share!

Monday Motivation Stage 32 Writers Meet with Whitewater Films Chatrone Bohemia Group Originals   More Stage 32 members kick off 2019 with literary manger Devon Byers in Los Angeles

In the month of February alone, at least 14 meetings were coordinated between the writers in the Stage 32 community and the execs who work with us. These writers and filmmakers have used Stage 32 as a platform to put in the hard work and grow their careers. Join me in congratulating them on their success!

  • Literary manager Daniel Kendrick at Chatrone (formerly with ICM) signed writer Donovan Cook after reviewing his project during a Stage 32 Pitch Session.
  • Sarah J. Corenlius the Creative & Production Executive at Whitewater Films requested a meeting with Fred Sprock for his project Vespern Stox after she read it while doing Stage 32 Premium Coverage!
  • Justin L. Ross of Bohemia Group Originals requested a meeting with John Pisano-Thomsen for his project Connect after a reading it after a Stage 32 Pitch Session, and a meeting with Paul Roberts after hearing a pitch for his project during a Stage 32 Pitch Session.
  • Becca Cammarata the Director of Development at Stay Gold Features requested a meeting with Gus Avila after reading his project Kingwood from a Stage 32 Pitch Session.
  • Christian Taylor from Taylor Lane Productions, took a meeting with Kaitlin Gagnon after giving her pitch feedback on her script Made during Stage 32 Pitch Session.
  • Catherine Keithley, the Director of Development at Brian Graden Media requested a meeting with writer Fredrik Colting after reviewing his pitch for The Gayme during a Stage 32 Pitch Session.
  • Manager Daniel Seco of Schemers Entertainment requested a meeting with Sara Dahmen after reviewing her pitch during a Stage 32 Pitch Session for her project The River Between Us.
  • Producer Sasha Nonas-Barnes requested a meeting with Ronald K. Armstrong after hearing his pitch for the project White Power (The Comedy), and with Jim Hoey and Dani Whitehead after hearing their pitch for Baking and Chaos during a Stage 32 pitch session.
  • Brandon Drea, the VP of Production at Paper Plane Entertainment (formerly of Gersh and UTA), requested a meeting with writer Matthew Roshkow after reading his project The Lady Mavericks after hearing his pitch during a Stage 32 Pitch Session.
  • Executive Producer Kevin Christoffersen at Cobalt Capital Ventures requested a meeting with writer Russell Chan after reading his project 'Til We Meet Again he reviewed during a Stage 32 Pitch Session.
  • Dan Scheinkman, the Head of Scripted Content at Kickstart Entertainment, requested a meeting Travis Carr after reviewing the project Post Mortem during a Stage 32 Pitch Session.

And that's just SOME of the behind-the-scenes! We have much, much more that we'll be sharing with you every Monday here on the Stage 32 blog to keep you writing and motivated!

And, if you have a Stage 32 Success story that you would like to share, please send an email to


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