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Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

Hey guys.   As per your requests, and in an effort to make navigating though Stage 32 a bit easier, we’ve revamped the top navigation bar.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

HOME – Your home page remains your hub. This is where you can see all network activity from people in your network as well as posts from specific Lounge topics for which you are a subscriber. 

PROFILE – Takes you to your profile page. From here you can edit your bio, upload loglines, screenplays, audio/video clips and more. All posts which you have been involved with (including Lounge posts) or where another member has posted specifically to your wall can be found here. If you haven’t done so already, upload an image to create a custom wallpaper for your profile.

SHARE -  For all your posting and uploading needs, this is where you need to be. From here you can post to your wall, start a Lounge discussion, list a job in need of talent, upload audio and video files as well as loglines and screenplays.

LOUNGE – The Stage 32 Lounge. Dozens of film, television, theater, and general discussion topics.  You can search over 45,000 threads by keyword from the main Stage 32 Lounge Page.

BLOG – The award winning Stage 32 Blog. If you’re new to the site, be sure to check out the archives on the right hand side.  We’ve had some incredible guest bloggers in our nearly 3 year history.

CONNECT – A very important menu item. Expand your network by searching for members by location, profession, relation to other members, or just try your luck randomly.  This is also the place where you can search the entire Stage 32 Member database.

INVITE – We ask all members of Stage 32 to pay it forward and invite at least 5 fellow creatives to the community. By clicking on Invite you can do just that by entering the email addresses of those whom you’d like to send an invitation.  You can also send invites through Facebook.

JOBS – Another very important menu item. This is where you can post a project in need of talent OR search for projects seeking your skill set. Remember, this is the place to post your needs, not the Lounge!

DEALS – We are always working to provide Stage 32 members with discounts to some of the hottest services and products, such as books and software available on the web.  This is the place to check out the latest deals offered to the community.

EDUCATION – As you know, education is a very big part of Stage 32.  Under the Education menu, you will find a link to all of our exclusive Stage 32 Next Level Webinars as well as the latest offerings in our Stage 32 LIVE! series.

HAPPY WRITERS – The success stories continue to roll in from our exclusive pitching sessions with and coverage services from Hollywood industry executives.  From this menu you will be able to reach the Stage 32 Happy Writers home page, view all upcoming pitch sessions and Online Pitchfests, review our exclusive coverage services and see which industry executives are currently available to read your scripts, and review our latest class, lab, and contest schedules. You’ll also have access to all our latest success stories and testimonials (both from our executives and our fantastic writers).

We truly believe that these changes will not only make it easier to navigate through the site, but will enhance your Stage 32 experience!

Happy Networking!


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