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We've all had experiences on set that weren't very pretty. Hell, I remember one time a few years back tripping down an entire flight of stairs on a commercial shoot with the DP's very expensive light in my hand.

Can you believe I didn't break it?

I didn't even break myself. I was a little bruised up, because I used the wall and my body weight to try and keep myself from sailing down head first at warp speed. I had no hands because I was protecting that light like it was my child.


NotSoPretty Secrets on Set of The Wizard of Oz

That's nothing compared to the stories that have been handed down all these years later from the set of the Yellow Brick Road. Just for fun on this quiet Saturday, let's take a trip (no pun intended) down that road to learn some of the more harrowing details the actors on set faced.


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The Wizard of Oz: Five Appalling On-Set Stories




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