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It is with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation that I thank each and every one of you who accepted and embraced our 30-day endeavor, who supported us, and who encouraged our fellow writers along the way. It has been a true pleasure. This November exercise could not have happened without the incredible support from the entire Stage 32 team—much love and thanks to each of them as well, with special thanks to Allen Roughton and Nick Assunto for leading the charge.

Through our collective willpower and strength in numbers, projects were finished, leaps in progress were made, and motivation was rekindled. Our goal was simple: Get. It. Done. The majority of us made it to the finish line more emboldened than ever. Ready to push even further towards whatever step may be next for each one of us.


November Write Club Onward


Allen has a bit more to tell you before we bid adieu...


Hey Write Clubbers... Write Clubists? Clubes? Whatever we are, I'm just glad that I was able to be a part of it. Thank you all for letting myself and Nick into your writing, into your struggles, and into your triumphs. I'm ready to do it all again, but until next year, be sure to catch Nick and I every single week in the Writers' Room and the Screenwriting Lounge. If you completed your project this November or used the month to get one step closer to the finish, take that final project and get it out into the world. Swap scripts with someone on Stage 32, or choose an exec for Coverage or Consulting. Whatever you do, don't stop now. This month of focus does nothing if it doesn't prove this: You can really do this!

If you missed the last webcast or any of the Write Club Check In Webcasts, they are now all available on demand: 


So let’s stand at our desks and raise our coffee mugs in celebration. We made it, people. Congratulations, everyone.

Now, on to what’s next…


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