On Stage With RB II - May '14

Posted by Stage 32 Staff - Julie
This Thursday, May 15 at 1PM PDT, we will be presenting our second edition of On Stage With RB hosted by our CEO, Rich Botto. This exclusive 90 minute Next Level Webinar is FREE to the first 1,000 people who register.
RB will be going over some of the new Stage 32 site features as well as pointing out some of the finer points of the Stage 32 Happy Writers. Additionally, he will be holding (at least) an hour long Q&A session where he will take questions from the Stage 32 community. Whether it's site questions, questions about your chosen craft, the industry, or what television shows and movies are on his hit list, RB will do what he can to answer whatever is on your mind.
Remember, only the first 1,000 people who register will have access to the live webinar. If you cannot make it at the time of the webinar, don't fret! We will be placing this webinar On Demand within 24 hours of the conclusion. So if you cannot make it on Thursday at 1PM PDT, we ask you to please leave the space available for those who can.
To register, please click here.
And, if you missed the first On Demand With RB which included a site tutorial and a 90 minute Q&A session, you can view it here.
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