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I love this guest guest post… It’s a center shot bulls-eye.

Our upcoming Next Level Webinar, The Keys to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign, has sparked quite a bit of conversation and debate on the site, in the Lounge, via email, and on our other social media pages.

We received one letter in particular that stuck with me. It came from a member who chose to be anonymous. This note was attached:

RB, I read your comment about the “Hey, You! Look at my Kickstarter campaign” approach to crowdfunding on social media. Nothing irritates me more. I have over 40,000 Twitter followers that I worked tirelessly - blood, sweat and tears - to procure over the last 3 years. I’ve spent countless hours forging relationships with so many of those followers.

I know what you’re doing. You see my follower count and your mouth waters. You think you’re being sly. You think you’re being smart. But you’re showing how lazy you truly are. You can’t even offer me a “Please”. Your approach would be insulting if it wasn’t so unaware and unimaginative. I’m amazed at how many confuse marketing with panhandling!

I’m a filmmaker and a marketer in equal parts. You need to be. I’ve run 4 crowdfunding campaigns. 3 were a success (and those 3 raises were between 15K-45K). It requires marketing finesse, not telemarketing bludgeoning. It requires a foundation of supporters before the campaign starts that fans out over the course of the campaign. Again, that’s why I work so hard at my social media relationships. And when the time comes to raise money for a project, I speak about the project, I ask people if they wouldn’t mind sharing the project, I don’t shout, “Hey You!”Less shouting! More conversing, informing, and relationship building! It matters!

I digress. I’ve attached a guest blog. I enjoyed writing it, so if you choose to run it, just call me J.

(In my best radio voice) Well, J, I can’t argue with a thing you mentioned. And, again, I loved the blog. So 32'ers, here it is in its entirety…Pie Guy.



Sunny day. Blue sky. Big city. Movement. Smiles. Warmth.

Ah. The end of Summer.

The aroma of pepperoni and melted cheese sets in. I'm in line at the pizza place. Suits. Dresses. Briefcases. Business. Stomachs growl, but happy smiles waiting to munch.

As I wait in line to order my slice of pie the television blares. News. News. News. In our inter-connected world there's always news. The person behind me in line for pie strikes up a conversation. We discuss the headlines - of course the government shutdown. Syria's compliance with the UN. I'm in marketing. He's in sales. We discuss how it helps our business to stay aware about what's happening in the world.

A commercial flashes on. Lone Ranger DVD.

I love Depp. He loves Depp. Who doesn't love Depp? We both had no desire to see this film. Why is Hollywood still making these big blockbusters? He much prefers dramas like Mad Men. I much prefer dramas like Homeland. We both loved Breaking Bad. Now that's what we both consider great entertainment. Yadda yadda yadda. Order my pepperoni.

I've enjoyed this conversation, so I pay for this gentleman's lunch. It's only a few bucks, but he invested his time to talk to a stranger, so I'm investing my money into making his belly happy. It's a mutual respect. This person took time to discuss some interesting topics, found different points of view and I appreciated that. We eat our pie and move on. A warm smile. A goodbye. Never to be seen again but always remembering the generosity of a fellow human.

Smell of pizza fades. Sunglasses on.

Sunny day. Blue sky. Big city. Movement. Smiles. Warmth.

I cross Michigan Avenue in a great mood. I blend into the crowd - the crowd of thousands. In my mind I wish the pie guy well in his life. That reminds me. I have to remember to tape Homeland this weekend.

BAM. I feel the forced tap on my shoulder.

A complete stranger I've never seen before.

"Will you give me money?"

See how the story just came to an abrupt halt? This is what it feels like when you ask me on social media to donate to your Kickstarter campaign.


You wonder why you can't reach your goal? There's a right way to get the respect of generosity.

I continue on my merry way.

Sunny day. Blue sky. Big city. Movement. Smiles. Warmth. Full belly.

Although J. has chosen to remain anonymous, I will still open the Comments section for discussion. Fire away.

And if you have run a crowdfunding campaign which failed to reach its goal or if you are planning one in the future, please remember we are presenting two sessions of Cutting Through The Noise - The Keys to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign hosted by Film and Video Campaign Specialist at Indiegogo, John T. Trigonis, this coming Wednesday, October 16th. Both sessions are only $49 for the full 90 minute webinar and unlimited access for one full year. Good luck to all.

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