Producing Projects in the "New Normal" with Oscar-Nominated Producer Chris Moore & Stage 32 CEO Richard "RB" Botto NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND!

Posted by Taylor C. Baker

Happy Thursday Stage 32 Community!

Recently, our fearless leader Richard "RB" Botto had an epic chat with Oscar-Nominated producer Chris Moore (Manchester by the Sea, Good Will Hunting, The Adjustment Bureau) focusing on the "new normal" that is the entertainment industry during COVID-19. We were honored to have virtually hosted thousands of Stage 32 members from every corner of the world, and are happy to provide top-notch information that is sure to educate and inspire. 

Now, this FREE Stage 32 Webinar is available for your to watch anytime, anywhere on-demand! RB and Chris answered questions from Stage 32 members, both new and old, about multiple facets of the entertainment industry regarding filmmaking and producing in the age of COVID. No matter where you live or what you do in the industry, you are sure to get inspired and stay motivated during this honest and candid talk about the state of the entertainment industry. Here are just some of the questions RB & Chris answer:

  • How long do you expect Health & Safety teams to be needed on set? 
  • What kind of a legal risk do you take as a producer if you go into production at this time? 
  • With lockdowns across the country, do you think there will be an increase in the use of green screen? 
  • How can you shoot scenes in a socially distant safe way? 
  • How has COVID & AB5 affected independent contractors & non-union jobs?
  • Who is in charge of COVID production safety? 
  • What do you think the final outcome with the WGA & agencies will be? 
  • How do you get repped or in front of a producer if you don’t know anyone?
  • What is Stage 32? How can it help you?
  • ... and more!

For the past nine years, Stage 32 has been proud to provide a space for industry creatives and professionals to learn, connect, and gain opportunities that further their careers online. Now, more than ever, the ability to stay connected, inspired, and educated is vital. 


Click HERE to Watch for FREE On-Demand

Producing Projects in the New Normal with OscarNominated Producer Chris Moore  Stage 32 CEO Richard RB Botto Now Available On Demand


If you know someone who could benefit from RB and Chris' inspirational talk, kindly share it with them! If you chose to share the webinar via social media, please tag us @Stage32online on Instagram and @Stage32 on Twitter and @rbwalksintoabar on both Instagram and Twitter. As RB says, we're all in this together!




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