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Welcome to the weekend, everyone.

Some really cool and interesting news articles this week I’m excited to share with you guys. Think they will inspire much discussion and debate (which I always welcome in the Comments section below).

Starting off, if you’ve watched any of my On Stage With RB webcasts (all available for free right here) you have heard many of my guests and I discuss the growing opportunities for writers and filmmakers within the television medium. This past week, CEO of FX, John Landgraf, made waves at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour by stating that he believes there’s simply too much television and a bubble is forming. I have that story, a rebuttal and a look at the state of the new TV auteur era under ENTERTAINMENT NEWS.

Also in that section, a tremendous interview with legendary director William Friedkin; the lost Orson Welles film gets a screening date; the director of the Fantastic Four assesses blame; Ed Norton wants to fix the Oscars; more on the saga of Ryan Kavanaugh; Paul Haggis assesses Crash’s Best Picture win; a look at the worst films by major directors; a pleas for more character driven screenplay structure; Swiss women in the film industry are working at an above average rate; tax incentive news from across the globe; a look at the new distribution models; a cult indiefilm moves to Broadway and much, much more.

Under TIPS this week, I have acting, screenwriting, filmmaking, cinematography, call sheet and documentary filmmaking information and advice.

And, under VIDEOS, the trailers for the new Quentin Tarantino film along with those of Trumbo and Sleeping With Other People.

And as per usual, we have you covered on everything happening around the site, including the latest and greatest STAGE 32 NEWS and STAGE 32 SUCCESS STORIES, all upcoming Next Level webinars and classes under STAGE 32 EDUCATION, the gatherings happening around the world under STAGE 32 MEETUPS and, of course, all the coolest and most intriguing threads from the Lounge under POPULAR AND INTERESTING LOUNGE DISCUSSIONS.

Hope you enjoy all the content. And, as mentioned, I do welcome your thoughts as well as healthy debate in the Comments section below. Don’t be shy! Have at it!

And, have an awesome and creative weekend.




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The response to our announcement of the Stage 32 Short Film Contest has been nothing short of incredible. We have received short film entries from all over the world, proving that Creativity Is Universal! The finalists for this contest will be announced August 27th. Though entry has closed, you can read more about the contest, the judges and see the prizes by clicking here: Stage 32 Short Film Contest


In LA? Join us this Friday! Stage 32 has partnered with Film LA to kick off the keynote panel for the 2015 HollyShorts Film Conference in Los Angeles this week. The conference is set for August 14-21 at IgnitedSpaces in Hollywood, CA. Stage 32 has brought in some incredible panelists to talk about filming and financing in LA. There will be a networking happy hour immediately following the panel. To read more information and purchase your tickets, click here: Join Us This Friday - HollyShorts Film Festival


This week we announced the winners of the Annual Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Contest! Our winners' scripts will receive unparalleled access and exposure to the top executives that work with Stage 32. We will be flying out our top 3 winners to LA to meet with executives, and all of the top 10 scripts will receive prizes. To see the winners, click here: Winners Of The Annual Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Contest



Wednesday 8/19 at 1pm PDT Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents How to Finance & Produce a Film in the $250K-$2M Range hosted by Franco Sama, a 15-year Film Financing and Distribution Expert with Over 25 Films To His Name! In this webinar Franco will teach you how to approach your film from the “investor’s point of view” so you can not only get the money you need for your project, but how your investors can get that money back. You will learn how to build a team around your project and who is crucial for that team, how to approach investors and above all how to protect your investor’s money. You will leave this webinar with a clear understanding of how to produce and finance your project!
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • Why it's important to approach your film from the "investor's point of view".
  • The Do’s and Don’ts for approaching financing.
  • How to find development funds.
  • The different types of investors and what kind will be best for your project.
  • How to monetize tax rebates and credits.
  • Plus much more!

To learn more about this webinar, see a video from Franco and to register, click here: How to Finance & Produce a Film in the $250K-$2M Range


Saturday 8/22 at 11am PDT Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents How To Write A Story That Sells: The 7 Key Fundamental Story Components That Take Your Script from Good to Great hosted by Jen Grisanti, Acclaimed Story/Career Consultant, Writing Instructor for Writers on the Verge at NBC, and a Former 12-year Studio Executive! In this webinar, Jen will teach you the 7 Pillars of Story and breakdown the fundamental, but often incorrectly used, story components that exist in all great scripts. Plus, for Stage 32 members, she will provide case studies for you to learn from! She will be using examples from her clients’ work and how they successfully implemented the 7 pillars to get their scripts sold. Under the guidance of Jen, you will leave this webinar fully prepared to write a marketable story that can help you go from good to great and make the move from non-working to working writer!
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • How to understand your “why” for telling the story that you are telling.
  • How to understand the “why” of your central character.
  • How to implement the 7 Pillars of Story into your existing and future scripts.
  • How to implement these techniques for screenplays and TV Pilots.
  • Plus much more!

To learn more about this webinar, see a video from Jen and to register, click here: How To Write A Story That Sells: The 7 Key Fundamental Story Components That Take Your Script from Good to Great















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