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Welcome to the weekend, everyone. And, yes, it’s an Introduce Yourself weekend as well. Allow me to provide some content with your networking.

This week under ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, how to improve your return on investment regarding film festivals; a filmmaker breaks all taboos by releasing his film for free on YouTube and lives to tell the tale; a look at the long list of troubled films produced by Harvey Weinstein; Premium Beat wonders what makes a film cult classic; the much maligned Waterworld turns 20; a look at how two big TV writers approached their finale; some suggestions for the director of The Fantastic Four on how to get out of “director’s jail”; 23 network execs share their thoughts on all things TV (and Donald Trump); a look into Universal’s stellar year; more on the continuing Relativity saga; SAG-AFTRA puts car washes high on the priority list; The Wrap lists all the films they’re looking forward to this fall; the first drone film festival has been announced; things are escalating between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, APA gets sued and much, much more.

Under VIDEOS this week, sage acting advice from Bryan Cranston, 40 minutes with Steven Soderbergh on low budget filmmaking and a cool vid on the beauty of reaction shots.

In the TIPS section, you’ll find a ton of advice and tricks on filmmaking, post-production, cinematography, acting, screenwriting, composing and more.

Some of our members enjoyed a very fulfilling week. You’ll find all their tales under STAGE 32 SUCCESS STORIES.

The Stage 32 Lounge continues to feature some terrific content shared by our members along with many amazing conversations. We’ve highlighted the best of the best under INTERESTING AND POPULAR LOUNGE DISUCSSIONS.

Shannon Stegall, our Director of Education, continues to stock the schedule with diverse and progressive webinars and classes. You can see what’s she’s been up to under STAGE 32 NEXT LEVEL EDUCATION.

Under STAGE 32 MEETUPS, you’ll find many of the upcoming member generated meetups happening all over the globe.

And finally, we recap all the happenings around the neighborhood under STAGE 32 NEWS.

As always, I invite remarks and healthy debate in the Comments section below.

And, don’t forget, whether you’re a newbie or a vet, be sure to head over to the Introduce Yourself section this weekend and participate! Make a post of your own and welcome others to the community. You never know when you’ll make a life and career altering connection!

Have an awesome and creative weekend!




It’s that time again! Time for the August 2015 edition of On Stage with RB. This month we are inviting 2,000 Stage 32 members to join us online LIVE Wednesday, August 26 at 1pm PDT for the On Stage with RB broadcast. Plus, joining RB are two very special industry guests to talk about writing, filmmaking, being on set, directing, distribution, short films, and so much more! To read more about the August 2015 Edition of On Stage With RB, click here: On Stage With RB August 2015

The early bird deadline has passed, but there's still time to enter your script into the Stage 32 Happy Writers Search For New Blood Screenwriting Contest! We are looking for the top 3 unrepresented horror/suspense/thriller writers that come from Stage 32. The regular deadline is approaching - Monday September 14th! To read more about this contest, see testimonials from last year's winners and to enter your script, click here: Stage 32 Happy Writers Search For New Blood Screenwriting Contest


This week we brought you another installment in the Stage 32 Film Courage series on Crowdsourcing vs. Crowdfunding for filmmakers. In this 9-minute clip, RB goes over the definition of crowdsourcing for filmmakers, and why it's different than crowdfunding. He shares a case study of Mile, Mile and A Half, and how they crowdsourced to help spread the word of their film. He talks about cultivating your audience in order to help you in multiple ways including marketing, producing and financing your film. To watch the clip, and see the other installments from the series, click here: Crowdsourcing vs. Crowdfunding



This Saturday August 22nd at 11am PST Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents How To Write A Story That Sells: The 7 Key Fundamental Story Components That Take Your Script From Good to Great hosted by Jen Grisanti, Acclaimed Story/Career Consultant, Writing Instructor for Writers on the Verge at NBC, and a Former 12-year Studio Executive. In this webinar, Jen will will teach you from the studio executive/analyst perspective how to see your story differently and identify what is currently missing in your script. She will be using examples from her clients’ work and how they successfully implemented these techniques to get their scripts sold.
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • How to understand your “why” for telling the story that you are telling.
  • How to understand the “why” of your central character.
  • How to implement the 7 Pillars of Story into your existing and future scripts.
  • How to create a more marketable story that will have a better chance of getting sold.
  • Plus much more!

To read more about this webinar, see a video from Jen and to register, click here: How To Write A Story That Sells: The 7 Key Fundamental Story Components That Take Your Script From Good to Great


Starting Thursday August 27th at 10am PST Stage 32 Next Level Classes presents Rooting For The Anti-Hero: How To Create A Well-Rounded Villain hosted by Zara Burdett, Producer & Former Creative Executive for Darren Aronofsky's Production Company, Protozoa Pictures (Black Swan, The Wrestler, Requiem For A Dream)! In this 3-week online course, you will take an in-depth look at building a complex character, using specific examples of anti-heroes in film and why audiences can relate to them despite their bad choices. You will develop a backstory and character traits to help you chisel out a truly unique antagonist your audience can relate to. Plus, you will leave this class with a tangible character outline for your anti-hero that you can refer to while writing your script!
You will leave this course knowing:

  • How to go into the darkest, innermost caves of the villains in your stories.
  • How to access the mind of a complex character.
  • How to create obstacles, goals and desires for your antagonist.
  • How to help your antagonist fulfill their goal.
  • How to write an anti-hero your audience wants to see succeed.
  • 4 case studies of successful films with well-rounded anti-heroes and why they work.

To read more about this class, see a video from Zara and to register, click here: Rooting For The Anti-Hero: How To Create A Well-Rounded Villain


Also starting Thursday August 27th at 4pm PST, Stage 32 Next Level Classes is bringing you an opportunity unlike anything we've had before: The Thought, Theory & Practice Of Being A 1st AD - A 1st AD Master Class taught by Joe Bohn, Assistant Director who has worked with the Russo Brothers, David Fincher, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake and many more! This class is different in that addition to over 6 hours of education, for those in the LA area you will have on-set experience, shadowing Joe on set of his current feature film! This class will professionally prepare those who want to enter into the position by arming them with insights and knowledge that would take years to acquire otherwise and elevate those who are currently AD’ing to a new level and set them apart from their competition. You will finish this class a smarter and stronger AD, armed with knowledge and industry secrets that will make you an indispensable asset to producers and a superior professional amongst your peers.
You will leave this course knowing:

  • The responsibilities of the 1st AD, rules and regulations, and what will be expected from you.
  • Tools at your disposal to enhance your work and elevate your skills to the next level.
  • How to manage, the egos, the mishaps, the breakdowns and the real world limitations that they don’t write about in the textbooks.
  • How to behave and interact on a professional set.
  • Plus, you will receive a free resume review and walk away with a free account to the fastest growing cloud based scheduling software available!

To read more about this class, see a video from Joe and to register, click here: The Thought, Theory & Practice Of Being A 1st AD - A 1st AD Master Class


Starting Monday August 31st at 6pm PST, Stage 32 Next Level Classes presents a Short Film Master Class: Writing, Directing & Marketing Your Short Film hosted by multi-award winning director James Kicklighter, whose films have been featured in The Hollywood Reporter, The Times of India, Film Courage and FilmInk Australia! In this 2-part course, James will teach you the art of writing a short screenplay, how to develop strong characters that will attract top acting talent, while working within a budget that the average aspiring filmmaker can afford. He will then go through the process of directing your first short, how to get the cast and crew that you want, how to raise money and setup the budget, selecting the right camera and technical equipment, and working with locations and your actors to maximize your production value. Finally, you’ll learn some insider tips for distributing and marketing your final product - a step that most aspiring filmmakers never learn.
You will leave this course knowing:

  • How to write an effective short script.
  • The business of making a short film.
  • How to prepare to direct and the production process.
  • How to market your film.
  • How to release your film.
  • Plus much, much more!

To read more about this class, see a video from James and to register for this class, click here: Short Film Master Class: Writing, Directing & Marketing Your Short Film















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