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Sure it’s a holiday weekend, but what did you think…no Weekend Blog?

Come now…

Here it is, and it’s as overstuffed as Christmas stocking for someone who has been particularly nice all year long.

As always, I ask you to share and participate! Tis the season.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy!

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12 Days of Creative Collaboration - From Concept to Distribution: Get Your Film Made

This year we introduce our Season of Learning & Giving on Stage 32. We make it our mission every day to encourage and support every creative, no matter what age, skill level or location, to reach for their dreams. So this year, Stage 32 is supporting Kids In The Spotlight: Movies By Kids, For Kids, an organization which provides mentors to train underprivileged youth who are in the foster care system to create, write, cast and star in their own 10-minute short films. We are proud to announce that we will be donating a portion of Stage 32 Education and Happy Writers proceeds throughout December to this amazing non-profit.

This means that simply by furthering your creative and career goals, you will also be helping foster care youth realize theirs as well.

Pretty rewarding, no? Click here for all the details!

Global Co-Production Match Making Program – A Unique Opportunity for US Filmmakers - Stage 32 Partners With Europe! 

We are beyond thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Stage 32, US/France-based Little W Productions, Scandinavian Locations and European Film Commission Network (EUFCN).

These top Europe co-production professionals are offering hands on guidance and direct contact to co-producers and finance opportunities for US-Europe productions through the Global Co-Production Match Making Program. A great example is the recent remarkable co-production success - the film Louder Than Bombs (Academy Award nominated Jesse Eisenberg, Golden Globe Winning Gabriel Byrne & Golden Globe nominated Isabelle Huppert). They are now looking to Stage 32 to find more projects!

Together we are searching for filmmakers who have feature projects in any stage (script or with packaging) that could be produced as a US and European co-production. This program is FREE and submissions are open to all filmmakers. Click here for all the information!

More Free Screenplays to Download!

Last year, I presented a bunch of screenplays of recent movies available online for download. So many found the content beneficial, I decided to do it again this holiday season.

As you know, one of the best ways to learn about screenwriting is to read good (and bad) screenplays. But, this exercise isn’t only for writers. Actors, filmmakers, producers and other film creatives can certainly gain insight and knowledge from reading screenplays as well.

Click here for some critically acclaimed and respected screenplays from the 2016 studio and indiefilm scene. Enjoy! 


The Perfect Pitch: The Secret To Becoming A Pitching Ace

In this exclusive Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, host Jared Iacino will demystify the pitching process by showing you how to form and outline your pitch in practical, repeatable and memorable terms. As a film and television executive who has heard literally thousands of pitches himself, Jared will identify, from the studio/network/producers perspective, the common missteps and mistakes writers, filmmakers, producers and other film creatives make when pitching their projects and reveal the secret formula he's used when selling projects to independent film companies, studios and networks at the highest level. Whether you're pitching for television or film, Jared will give you all the tools and confidence to make your pitches sing!

You Will Leave This Webinar Knowing:

  • The most common (and most fatal) mistakes people make when pitching.
  • How to properly structure a pitch.
  • What to include, and most importantly, what NOT to include in your pitch.
  • How to cater your pitch to the audience you’re pitching to.
  • The 3 most important elements EVERY pitch should have.
  • How to identify projects worthy of pitching.
  • The secret ingredient in every great pitch.

Whether you are brand new to pitching, have pitched a few times but have yet to get a request, or have gotten a few requests but can't seem to seal the deal, this webinar will help you hone in on your pitching technique and learn from an executive what an executive is looking for in a winning pitch. Click here to get all the information and register now!

"Always Be Closing" How To Write a Killer Final 10-15 Pages

The first 10 pages and the last 10 pages of a script are the most important. Making an executive walk away from a read of your script with a powerful impression is crucial to getting your script made. The last pages of a script come with their own web of problems (how to tie everything together, how to complete a character's arc, how to create a powerful final image, etc.). Sometimes a time crunched executive will read the first and last 10 pages of a script before deciding to read the whole thing. A writer has to make sure that they "stick the landing."

Stage 32 Happy Writers is excited to bring you the previously-recorded 4 part class: Always Be Closing” - How to Write a Killer Final 10 Pages taught by John Shepherd, Director of Development at Cross Creek Pictures (Black Swan, The Woman In Black, Ides of March). Learn how to make your last act resonate for your characters, your audience, yourself and the executive reading it.

Purchasing gives you access to the previously-recorded live class. Although John is no longer reviewing the assignments, we still encourage all listeners to participate!

What you will learn:

  • Part 1 - The Beginning / Character
  • Part 2 - Building the Bridge to Act III
  • Part 3 - The Chase, The Twist, The Reveal... The “Second Ending”
  • Part 4 - Final Scenes, Kickers & Sequels

To benefit from this amazing program, click here to read the details and register, please click here!

PowerNetworking for Actors

Actors are the essential spark to any film or television production. But before you can NAIL that audition or BOOK that role, you have to find out about the opportunities and prepare to make your own luck.

Working Film and TV Director/Producer, Heather Hale uses in-the-trenches humor, candor and real world examples to illuminate the many ways of making your acting dreams come true.

Don’t sit around and wait to be discovered – produce your own career!

Discover an empowered approach to networking to help you get on the right people’s radars, get noticed, gain momentum - and get those gigs. Learn time-proven techniques and new resources to proactively brainstorm where the opportunities of the moment – and future - might be, who’s doing the auditions – and trace any connections you might have to the decision makers or key players to get in the right rooms – the right way – and ready to give it your all.

Learn how to identify, research and prioritize a finely honed hit list of Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, Agents and Managers who are in a position to cast. Figure out how to track them down, strategize the best approaches to communicate with them and how to develop the kind of track record, headshot, resume, website and auditioning skills they’ll most likely respond to.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to find out about, secure and nail auditions
  • How to network locally as well as from afar
  • How to sustain yourself financially while keeping yourself available
  • Which online resources, websites, job boards, communities and subscription services MIGHT be worth your while
  • How to find work through your local film commission, schools and universities, ad agencies – even Facebook.
  • When it’s worth your while to work for free or deferred – and how to make the most of it
  • The Catch 22: How can you get work without an agent if you don’t have the work to attract the agent?
  • WHY networking is NOT fake, phony or self-serving but rather, the highest form of service
  • What is Networking? And why does it matter? Is it proven?

And much, much more! To get the full details on what you will learn and register for this opportunity, click here! 


Pitch Opportunities

Route One Films - Kate Carlisi - Assistant to the Director of Development, Friday, December 23rd · 5:30 - 7:10 PM PST Specializes in all genres and formats EXCEPT HORROR.

Good Universe - Coordinator - Saturday, December 24th · 8:30 PM PST - Specializes in all genres, all formats.

Art/Work Entertainment- Spencer Robinson - Manager,  Saturday, December 24th · 8:30 PM PST - Specializes in comedy, horror and sci-fi features & TV pilots.



Martin Scorsese: 'Words and Images Don’t Mean Anything Anymore' 

The Hollywood Reporter’s Writer Roundtable 

The Hollywood Reporter’s Animation Roundtable 

Big flops. Waning studio profits. What Hollywood's record box office doesn't tell you 

Bad Movies Hit the Holiday Season: Why December Is a Distributor’s Dumping Ground 

AFI Awards: Best Of 2016 Film List Includes ‘Silence’, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ & More 

Berlin: 'Elle' Director Paul Verhoeven 2017 Jury President (ELLE was also produced by a Stage 32'er!) 

‘Toni Erdmann’ Sweeps European Film Awards (TONI ERDMANN was also produced by a Stage 32’er!)

Golden Globes 2017: The Complete List of Nominations

Netflix, Amazon Tread Water in Golden Globe Nominations

Golden Globes Snubs: No Love For Taraji P. Henson, Tom Hanks, Martin Scorsese, ‘Empire’, Matthew McConaughey

CAA Cuts Top Agents in Move to Lower Costs, Boost Profits

Judge Dismisses Ed Asner Suit Vs. Actors’ Equity; Small L.A. Theaters Must Pay Minimum Wage

Why the Academy Decided 'Loving' and 'Moonlight' Are Adapted Screenplays — And How That Affects Their Prospects

Women Composers Look to Even Up the Movie Score

Variety’s Worst Movies of the Year

BAFTA Moves to Improve Diversity in British Filmmaking

Berlin Film Festival Unveils First Competition Pics & Berlinale Special Pics


Hollywood Insiders Explain How They Got Their First Break 

Paul Verhoeven On Why ‘Elle’ Would Not Have Been Made Without Isabelle Huppert 

William H Macy Backs Emmy Rossum on Equal ‘Shameless’ Pay: ‘Bout F—ing Time’ 


How to Have a Blockbuster Year 

7 Screenwriting Tips From Hollywood Professionals 

7 Effective Ways to Get Voice Over Work 

10 Things Successful DPs Have Taught Me 

10 Tips for Editing Video 

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Global Co-Production Match Making Program – A Unique Opportunity for US Filmmakers - Stage 32 Partners With Europe!
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