RB's Stage 32 News, Notes, Discussions and Other Fun Stuff (December 5th, 2014)

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto
Welcome to the weekend, everyone. A full slate this week. Let’s get to it.

Talk to enough people in the industry and they’ll tell you that an independent film renaissance is afoot. More indies are making it to theaters than in the past 10 years. Additionally, it seems that more and more well regarded actors are willing to take less pay for meatier material.

But with some so-called indiefilms riding budgets in the $20-$40 million range, what truly constitutes an independent film these days? And are stars really taking that much below book value to “slum” in the indies? I have a great article from The Hollywood Reporter on the subject and you can find it in the pole position under ENTERTAINMENT NEWS.

Elsewhere in that section, I have a ton of Oscar news including the begging of what seems like will be a season-long battle between Boyhood and Birdman, a great Q&A with one of my favs, Michael Keaton, how to make a biopic in 5 easy steps, Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken enters the Oscar discussion and Whiplash continues to make noise.

Other items I followed this week include The Hollywood Reporter’s animation roundtable, the Sony picture hack story, a look at the new Star Wars trailer, a look back at how the first Star Wars film was reviewed, my favorite show of all time, The Wire, gets the HD treatment, Doctor Zhivago hits Broadway, a plethora of Netflix and network news including what’s new on Netflix in December and much, much more.

Enough? But wait, there’s more…

I have trailers for 13 of the most anticipated films for December, the aforementioned Star Wars trailer, and the trailers for Unfinished Business and Better Call Saul. All can be found under VIDEOS.

Under TIPS, it’s 411 on editing, acting, filmmaking and financing.


Feel free to discuss any or all of this content in the Comments section below. I welcome your thoughts!


In November's On Stage with RB, Stage 32 Founder & CEO, RB, had 1,000 Stage 32 members join him and special guests, 6-time Emmy winner Chris Boardman and VP of Development and Production at Rumble Films, Stephanie Wilcox. For over 2-1/2 hours RB went over site features, talked about the industry and opened up the floor for questions from our community in our most epic On Stage with RB yet! To watch November's On Stage with RB on-demand for FREE, click here: November On Stage with RB

This week, our very own Stage 32 member Robert Attenweiler  signed with John Ferraro of Valleywood Entertainment! After several months of pitching his two TV pilots to managers through Stage 32/Happy Writers, having his scripts requested and taking meetings with managers who responded to his writing, he found the right match, and we couldn't be happier for him. Check out Robert's success story and many other Stage 32 Happy Writer success stories here: Stage 32 Happy Writers Recent Success Stories

Speaking of finding a manager, this weekend the Stage 32 Happy Writers is holding our Online Pitchfest XXVI - Managers! We wanted to give you all one more opportunity to make some traction this year by bringing you another ManagerFest. The last ManagerFest resulted in multiple meetings, managers signing writers and coming on as producers to writers' projects. The last ManagerFest brought our writers a lot of success stories so we wanted to bring it back to get even more of you signed. To see the lineup and register for a pitching session, click here: Online Pitchfest XXVI-Managers

Next Saturday 12/13 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents A Line Producer's Guide To Making A Movie In 10 Steps hosted by Maura Anderson, award winning Line Producer and current EVP of Production for Indigenous Media (Winter's Bone, Suit Up, Would You Rather). 
Maura will take an in depth look at all the steps a line producer takes from script stage to years after the film is made. Using materials from actual films she has worked on, she’ll discuss how a script is turned into a schedule and a budget. You’ll learn how to build out your team and how you can create long lasting relationships. You’ll also learn the basics of setting up a film’s infrastructure. Lastly she’ll look at enacting the brilliant plan that you came up with and what that looks like in terms of prep, shooting and wrap. To see a video from Maura, read more about the webinar and to sign up, click here: A Line Producer's Guide To Making A Movie In 10 Steps

Monday 12/15 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents Actors: 9 Secrets To Getting Your Best Performance hosted by 25 year veteran actor Ron Marasco, Ph.D (40 Year Old Virgin, West Wing, Lost, Entourage). 
In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, Ron’s approach is not so much a “method” as it is “tool-kit” of tricks that provide fast-fixes to an actor’s work, doable techniques that quickly increase an actor’s on-stage/on-screen command, and gems meant to spark an actor’s inspiration. This webinar will be what Ron calls “shop-talk,” just one actor talking to other actors about the “secrets” he’s learned that are the base-work of every good performance. “This is the stuff,” Ron says, “they don’t tell you in acting classes.” To see a video from Ron, read more about the webinar and to sign up, click here: Actors: 9 Secrets To Getting Your Best Performance



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