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Welcome to the weekend, everyone. Quick write up this week due to time constraints, but that doesn’t mean I’m skimpin’ on the blog content. No way, no how.

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Stage 32 Happy Writers 30-Day Progress Report - October

Hello friends and fellow creatives! First, allow me to apologize for not getting October's progress report out sooner. I will endeavor to do get these out consistently and on time so that you can get a better grasp on how your fellow writers are progressing using our pitching services.  The 30-day progress report is a run-down of the amount of pitch sessions, script reads, and meetings writers attained during the 30-day period using our online pitching and coverage/consult services. As with September's progress report, I won't be putting up the writer's names or script titles in respect of their privacy, but it's always nice to get some perspective by sitting back and taking a look at the numbers. Click here to get the entire report!

Exploring The World of 360 Spherical Video And VR

ce I dove into the world of 360 spherical video and VR, I’ve heard a wide range of opinions related to the future of this branch of visual entertainment. “It’s the future!” or “It’s a fad.” Honestly, I really don’t know what the future holds for this space. I just know it’s really cool. I’ve watched 360 videos where I’m seeing the same thing a skydiver, a scuba diver, a wingsuit diver, and dozens of other videos that adventurers have experienced. I’ve played multiple VR video games where I shoot holograms, drive tanks, and fight zombie skeletons, and of course, I want more. To read about my entire experience, click here!

Writing & Producing Compelling Television in Today's Market

ere is no hotter market right now than television. More content is being ordered than ever before. And with streaming networks such as Netflix planning to have 50% original content in their libraries within the next few years, the demand for quality television scripts, products and minds isn't going away any time soon. But what makes a television show work? What elements are networks, premium channels and streaming platforms looking for? How do you navigate what has quickly become a very crowded market? By learning from the best, of course. To learn about this special guest, click here!


Writing & Producing Compelling Television in Today's Market | Masters of Craft

Stage 32 is beyond proud to introduce a new, timely, important and exclusive Masters of Craft webinar: Writing & Producing Compelling Television in Today’s Market. 

Your teacher is 20+ year television veteran, the one and only David Weddle. Over his prolific career, David has been an award winning producer on some of the most famous shows of all time (Battlestar Galactica, CSI, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, The Twilight Zone). Currently, David is an Executive Producer and Writer for The Strain – the highly acclaimed television series created by writer/director Guillermo del Toro, based on his series of best-selling novels, co-written with Chuck Hogan. David is working alongside one of the most famous and in demand showrunners in the business, Carlton Cuse (showrunner for Lost, Bates Motel, Colony and the upcoming Amazon Studios' show Jack Ryan starring John Krasinski).

As an added bonus, in this exclusive worldwide online event Stage 32’s very own CEO, Richard Botto, a writer and producer himself, will sit down with David and discuss the ins and outs of TV. David will take you into the world and processes of creating quality, compelling television. He will get in depth on how shows get bought and made – from writing to budgeting to casting. In short, you will gain pertinent, usable knowledge and information on writing and producing for TV.

Further, we will have an extensive Q&A session where you can ask David any questions you have.

What you will learn:

  • The Hierarchy of the Roles in the TV Landscape
  • How To Ascend To The Top Spot - Paths to Becoming A Writer/Executive Producer For Television
  • Overview Of Expected Responsibilities Of An Executive Producer On Primetime Television
    • 1) Staffing and Running The Writers Room
    • 2) Scheduling
    • 3) Budgets
    • 4) Getting The Directors And Crew Set For The Show
    • 5) Casting
    • 7) Bringing It All Together: The Life Of An Executive Producer

Plus, exclusively for Stage 32 David will open the floor to answer any questions you have!

To get all of the exciting details and watch his video, click here!

Developing Your Narrative Voice As An Editor

In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, international director/editor, Max Leonida will use his years of experience to give you a more profound knowledge of the artistic nature of the editing process, together with a clear, up-to-date and technical expertise about the most important digital editing systems on the market. Max's most recent films include Run (winner at 2013 MIFF and double winner at the 3D International Festival) and the feature film “What Separates Us”, Best Feature at the Machetanz Film Festival.

Editing is not just a simple matter of pace, rhythm, and mere image composition: editing pertains to the core of storytelling itself. Every professional filmmaker knows that a closeup placed in the right place, at the right moment, can definitely chance the course of a narrative process. Editing includes re-defining the story, reconstructing the characters, reshaping the very structure to the point of even changing and re-dubbing the dialogue in a totally different way from the original script… all for the sake of beauty. And this webinar aims to give you these tools.

What you will learn:

  • The Philosophy And History Of Editing
  • Editing: the unnatural language of dreams (a premise)
  • Steenbeck vs. computer: the origins
  • The three writings of a movie (script, set and editing)
  • The three cuts of a movie (assembly, director and final)
  • The Equipment Available To You As An Editor
  • Tips On Working With Footage
  • Case Studies And Examples

For a more comprehensive look into what you will learn, click here! 


Pitch Opportunities

Casey Minella - Executive Assistant to Partner/Manager, Circle of Confusion Saturday, December 10th · 2:30 - 4:10 PM PST - Specializes in all genres, all formats.

Allie Veneris - Assistant to Manager, Principato-Young Entertainment Sunday, December 11th · 10:30 - 12:10 PM PST - Specializes in all genres, all formats.

Matt Kniaz - Manager, Industry Entertainment Sunday, December 11th · 12:30 - 2:10 PM PST - Specializes in all genres, all formats (except sci-fi).

Ameet Shukla - Executive Vice President, Production, MAS Production Wednesday, December 14th · 7:30 - 9:10 PM PST - Specializes in drama, comedy, biopic, horror, and action/thriller features & TV pilots.

Happy Writers Pitch Sessions

Stage 32 offers a unique way to pitch your feature or pilot screenplay directly to executives throughout the industry, including managers, agents, creative executives and founding partners who would otherwise not accept unsolicited material. You will pitch directly to the executive listed and receive feedback from them.

Stage 32 offers pitching live, face-to-face with the executives over Skype, and written submissions.





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