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Welcome to the weekend, everyone.

Hope you all had a terrific week and are ready to dig into some film, indiefilm & Stage 32 content. As always, I invite you to share this content with other creatives in your realm through social media and any other means possible. And, of course I welcome remarks and feedback in the Comments section below.

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A Note From Our Friends at InkTip

If your goal is to get your script produced it is absolutely essential to get more exposure. And you can totally do it. Getting a little or a lot of exposure is almost completely in your hands. Don't waste time waiting for producers and executives to approach you, be proactive every chance you get. We'll tell you how.

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The Silent Majority

I was pleased that Hollywood chose to honor The Artist - a silent movie - in such grand fashion at the Oscars. Pleased and a little vindicated, I must say. Because it reminded me of a terrific project I worked on that never happened and of my favorite studio note ever. Here comes my war story:

Fox Family Films had just discovered a wonderful new talent named David Shiner, an actor comedian entertainer who had come up as a street performer. He was at the time killing on Broadway in a two-man show called Fool Moon, his partner being the also very talented Bill Irwin. Fox had basically pulled the guy aside, grinned in his face (I imagine) and said, "Kid, we're going to make you a movie star!" And they hired me to write the movie that would launch his career. Read the entire article here!

Top 10 @Femscriptintros Tweets

You may or may not be familiar with producer Ross Putman's Twitter feed @femscriptintros. Ross, having been in the industry for many years decided that he would call out the way that female characters are portrayed in the scripts that he's reading. He takes actual script introductions of female characters and replaces them with "JANE" to protect the writers.

For those of you who don't know Ross, he's a Stage 32 Educator, and a successful producer having recently won the Sundance NEXT Award for his film FIRST GIRL I LOVED (Now available here).

We applaud Ross for bringing an awareness to the way female characters are portrayed and we hope if you don't follow his Twitter, you will now. Here's our Top 10 Favorite (or rather, embarrassing!) @Femscriptintros Tweets!

Go Play. Go Shed. Go Create. Go Book. GO BE.

When RB asked me to guest blog, tell a personal story and give some advice, I shuddered. So much wisdom has been written. From great essays that went viral like Frank Langella's The Demon Seesaw Actors Ride to Julia Cameron's bible The Artists Way, there's so much to say and nothing to say ... The same demons the divine Langella and Cameron speak of remind me that I am an actor, not a writer, and what if no one wants to read my words?

But just like when I walk onto a stage, onto a set, into the next audition or meeting or awards show or whatever, even if the demons are chatting away on my shoulder, I can just pretend I have some wisdom to share. I can start by sharing a story that's kind of an ode to a frequent blogger on this site, Click here and let's see if you can figure out who... 


How To Develop Your Narrative Voice As An Editor (On Demand)

In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, international director/editor, Max Leonida will use his years of experience to give you a more profound knowledge of the artistic nature of the editing process, together with a clear, up-to-date and technical expertise about the most important digital editing systems on the market. Max's most recent films include Run (winner at 2013 MIFF and double winner at the 3D International Festival) and the feature film “What Separates Us”, Best Feature at the Machetanz Film Festival.

Editing is not just a simple matter of pace, rhythm, and mere image composition: editing pertains to the core of storytelling itself. Every professional filmmaker knows that a closeup placed in the right place, at the right moment, can definitely chance the course of a narrative process. Editing includes re-defining the story, reconstructing the characters, reshaping the very structure to the point of even changing and re-dubbing the dialogue in a totally different way from the original script… all for the sake of beauty. And this webinar aims to give you these tools.

Just a sample of what you will learn:

The Philosophy And History Of Editing

  • Editing: the unnatural language of dreams (a premise)
    • An overview of how the editing is based on our most subconscious language. Our life is based on an uninterrupted very long single shot… except when we’re sleeping!
  • Steenbeck vs. computer: the origins
    • From the very first editing tools to the modern all-digital workstation: nothing and everything has changed. Get the quick & dirty lowdown.
  • The three writings of a movie (script, set and editing)
    • A movie is written three times: when you write it, when you direct it and when you edit it…!
  • The three cuts of a movie (assembly, director and final)
    • Paternity and property issues when a movie comes into the editing room: who will have the last word on that cut…?

The Equipment Available To You As An Editor

  • Avid, Final Cut and Premiere Pro - the 3 big editing systems
    • Discuss the differences and detailed technical specifics of the three most famous/infamous digital editing systems on the market.
    • Max will take you through each interface and provide examples from his work on which he prefers the most.
    • Learn why a certain system may be more useful than another for your project
    • The system Max prefers to edit with and why

and much much more! Click here to read the entire list of things you will learn in thus Webinar and Register!

Avoid Stock Characters: How To Create Memorable, Compelling Characters

The Stage 32 Happy Writers is thrilled to bring you a 3-week online course Avoid Stock Characters: How To Create Memorable, Compelling Characters so you can learn how to create the memorable characters your story deserves. This class is taught by Melissa Daykin Cassill, VP of Development and Production at State Street Pictures, a production company with a first look deal at Fox 2000 Pictures. What Melissa loves most about her job is working with writers and developing exciting, compelling projects and she’s excited to be here teaching with Stage 32 to help you develop compelling characters in your story!

In this class, you will learn how to set up a character arc so the character’s change is compelling, how to develop supporting characters who support the story and compliment your protagonists, how to avoid stock characters and scenes and how to adjust what you already have to make your work better. With interactive lectures and weekly homework assignments directly geared toward strengthening your characters, you will leave this class knowing exactly how to create memorable characters for your stories.

A sample of what you will learn:

Week 1 - Creating Strong Main Characters

Week 2 - Creating Strong Supporting Characters

Week 3 - How To Connect & Compare The Supporting Tribe Of Your Movie To Enhance Your Entire Project+

To read the detail on what you will learn and register for this amazing opportunity, click here! 


Pitch Opportunities

Marilyn Atlas - Producer/Manager, Marilyn Atlas Management - Saturday, February 11th · 1:00 - 2:40 PM PST - Specializes in drama, thriller and comedy TV pilots.

Christian Armogida Producer/Owner, Nightshade Entertainment - Saturday, February 11th · 2:30 - 4:10 PM PST - Specializes in horror and thriller features

Kate Sharp - Producer - Sunday, February 12th · 12:30 - 2:10 PM PST - Specializes in reality, period pieces, sci-fi, and thriller features & TV pilots.





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14 Ways to Make a Great First Impression Without Saying a Word

Finding the Storyline in a Documentary Short (Or, Do Short Docs Need Narrative Arcs?)

Getting the (Screenwriting) Credit You Deserve, For WGA Members and Non-Members Alike

How to Do the Hustle: Use Craigslist, IMDbPro and Other Job Boards to Jumpstart Your Film Career

MovieMaker Minute: Walking Out’s Alex and Andrew Smith on How Directors Should Keep Calm On Set



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