RB's Stage 32 News, Notes, Discussions, and Other Fun Stuff (February 14, 2014)

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto


As you are aware if you're reading this, we've redesigned the site! Read more about the changes and what's to come here: Introducing Stage 32 2.0

We have two Next Level Webinars going off next week. Both are on sale for only $39 through midnight PST Sunday.

First up is What You Can Learn From HER - Spike Jonze’s Oscar-Nominated Script hosted by top screenwriting consultant, Danny Manus. Danny will not only be breaking down all the beats of the script, but will be speaking to what makes a screenplay tick. It's a terrific webinar. Haven't seen the film? No worries. All those registering will have access to the script before the webinar starts. For more information, click here: What You Can Learn From HER - Spike Jonze’s Oscar-Nominated Script

Our second Next Level Webinar is Mastering the Theater Audition with award winning acting coach, Alexander Carney. This is also a spectacular webinar for actors of all talent levels. For more information on this webinar and to see a video from Alexander, please click here: Mastering the Theater Audition

And, finally, our Pitchfest partnership with The Happy Writers has resulted in some amazing Success Stories. You can read about some here: No Boundaries – Next weekend, we have Pitchfest XI – Kings of New York. These are all new companies to our Pitchfests and they are all looking for material. Some of the biggest independent production companies in the biz including Big Beach, Maven Pictures, Olive Productions and more will be participating. For more information, click here: Online Pitchfest XI: Kings of New York






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Introducing Stage 32 2.0
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