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Another week in the books…Welcome to the weekend, everyone.

It was a terrific 10 days or so up at the Sundance Film Festival. The buzz all over town was about the resurgent independent film scene. Sales were brisk and passion was high.

Under ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, I have full coverage of the event including all the winners, which films sold and for how much, the movies from the fest which will have an impact on next year’s Oscars, the creative minds who stole the show and 7 big trends seen up in Park City.

Also, a day after Vanity Fair published the definitive version of the Sony hacking scandal, co-chair Amy Pascal has been ousted from her position at the studio. I have the Vanity Fair article and more info below.

Additionally under ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, a very cool article from a Slamdance juror speaking to his experiences judging films; how editors deal with great acting; the element that makes the Whiplash script so special; the Midnight Rider prosecutors have a big hill to climb; the staggering audience numbers for online videos; some informative articles about pilot season; 6 films premiering at SXSW that are on Indiewires hit list and much, much more.

Under VIDEOS, it’s the trailers for Will Smith in Focus, Ryan Gosling’s Lost River, and the Poltergeist remake.

Within TIPS, you’ll find cinematography, (cool) DSLR, editing and screenwriting info.


Hope you enjoy!

Have a fantastic and creative weekend!



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Stage 32 Founder & CEO, RB, on the Cover of Robert McKee's STORY Magazine
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