RB's Stage 32 News, Notes, Discussions, and Other Fun Stuff (January 10th, 2014)

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

First full week of 2014 almost in the books. Here's hoping it was a great one for you.

Some entertainment/news topics that caught my eye this week:

Many of you rang in last week on The Wolf of Wall Street controversy. Well, the hubbub shows know signs of slowing down. This week we have The New Yorker claiming the film will have tremendous lasting power, Scorsese himself explaining his motives (in the VIDEOS section), and a suggestion that perhaps all this noise was started (and is being kept alive) by the studios and production companies also in Oscar contention.

In other news…

  • Roles for women in film may be hard to come by, but Broadway musicals in 2014 will feature a plethora of strong parts for the fairer sex.
  • The Writer's Guild picks their best screenplay candidates
  • The 20 top grossing films of 2013 have been compiled
  • As have the 30 top grossing indies
  • 9 experts weigh in on how to improve Hollywood in 2014
  • Legendary producer Saul Zaentz dies at 92
  • Bad manners at the movies on the rise and some theaters are fighting back
  • And some midseason premiere dates for some of your favorite network and cable shows

Plus, some great videos on the making of Gravity, the recording of Inside Llewyn Davis' most popular song, and the trailer for Season 2 of House of Cards.

Also, acting, set design, and editing tips along with the most popular and intriguing Lounge discussions/topics as well as a bunch of proposed Stage 32 Meetups.

Feel free to discuss any and all in the Comments section below!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!



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