RB's Stage 32 News, Notes, Discussions, and Other Fun Stuff (January 17th, 2014)

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

A ton to get to this week. Let's get it rolling…

The big news in the entrainment world over the last 7 days revolves around what has been coined "Gender inertia" in the film industry. In simple terms, the gap between jobs for men and women, both in front of the camera and behind, has never been bigger. I've highlighted four articles in the ENTERTAINMENT NEWS section speaking to the issue at hand. I welcome your thoughts and opinions.

Other news stories that caught my eye this week:

  • A tremendous article on the making of Rain Man and why the film would never get made today. I encourage all of you to read this one. It's fun, informative, and relevant.
  • Why the home entertainment business is in the best shape in half a decade
  • Making sense of Woody Allen's long and prolific career
  • Lee Daniels in talks to direct Richard Pryor biopic
  • What's so bad about likable women characters?
  • 15 movies to look forward to this spring
  • AMC sets premiere dates for Mad Men, the Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul, and others
  • Lena Durham gets jabbed on all her nude scenes in Girls…and punches right back.
  • Season 5 of Boardwalk Empire (sadly) to be the last
  • In the video section, a really cool video showing some of the computer animation in Wolf of Wall Street (more than you would think), as well as 24 movie soundtracks you need to hear.

I also have screenwriting and acting (audition) tips along with Raindance's 10 New Commandments of Low Budget Films.

And, finally, I've compiled some of the hottest and most interesting Stage 32 Lounge discussions/topics and highlighted all of the Stage 32 Meetups currently forming.

As always, I welcome your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Have a great weekend.



Busy week around these parts…

It's our first Introduce Yourself Weekend of 2014! Please take the time to introduce or reintroduce yourself. But, as important, please take the time to welcome those who post to Stage 32. And, most important, use this as an opportunity to network!

We're talking Oscars surprises and snubs. Some very well thought out opinions and arguments from the community. Read more here: Oscar Surprises and Snubs

Stage 32'er, Angeline Rose Troy, blogged about her move from actress to producer: From Acting to Producing

Our first eight Pitchfests resulted in over a dozen of our writers and filmmakers getting repped, securing development deals, or signing options. Many more have meetings with managers and producers on the table. Pitchfest IX, which is open to screenwriters and filmmakers begins today and runs through Sunday. Some spots still available: Online Pitchfest IX: Screenwriters & Filmmakers

We have two of our New Years Resolution Next Level Webinars happening this coming week and have extended the sale of three others. Here's the schedule:

1/22 – Preproduction: The Film Director's Process of Discovery with 40 year filmmaking veteran, Peter D. Marshall. I've had the pleasure of previewing this webinar during the run-through. It's absolutely amazing. Comprehensive and revelatory. 

1/23 – The Camera Conundrum: Choosing the Best Camera for Your Film with Mitch Auger from Planet5D. Mitch is one of the most respected names in the biz. Planet 5D is the go to source for all things crew and equipment related 

1/28 – How to Write a Sitcom in One Easy Webinar with Dianne Messias. Diane is a 30 year television directing and producing vet…and funny as hell. This webinar is on sale for $39 through 1/22 

1/29 – Mastering the American Accent with world renowned accent, dialect, and accent reduction coach, Jon Sperry. The go to guy in Hollywood, Jon has taught the likes of Russell Crowe, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Harvey Keitel, Liam Neeson and many more. This webinar is on sale for $39 through 1/22 

1/30 - On–Set Insurance: Who's Covering You? One of the most overlooked and misunderstood pieces of putting a film together, on-set insurance. This webinar will be hosted by one of the leading voices in the field, Edie (Derusha) Fischler, who has 38 years of experience and 13 film credits to her name. This webinar is on sale for $39 through 1/22 












What say you. Speak your mind in the Comments section below.

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