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Welcome to the weekend, everyone.

Taking in the sights, sounds, films and meetings here at Sundance this weekend, so I leave you with a plethora of cool content to enjoy all weekend long. Special kudos to the members of this incredible community who made it difficult to narrow down the most popular and interesting Lounge discussions this week. I think you’ll agree, some of the discussions and content being shared is just phenomenal.

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Hope you all have an exciting and creative weekend!




From USC to Sundance Labs: How Social Media Brought My Filmmaking To Life!

The best lesson I've learned throughout my films is what it means to be a leader. Yes, you need to have a creative vision, but being on set demands you become an individual who can get his message across while also handling a set of 40+ people. It's a difficult feat none too many can do
I'd spend more time on the script. A good film starts with an amazing script. You should never leave the script stage until you feel the story is as strong as possible.
Social media has allowed me to hone my craft while also reaching out to like-minded individuals. It's also amplified my voice, making people within the industry pay attention. I've had the chance to speak with Lena Dunham, Will Packer, Seth Gordon, Dana Delany, and so many more. This doesn't happen without social media amplifying my voice. As a filmmaker, you must find a way to integrate your social media with your stories and your presence, as a filmmaker. Click here for the full article!

Finding a Sales Agent or Producer Representative & What it Means to Your Film

Once your film is complete, you have to decide how it is going to be seen. Are you going to send it to festivals in hopes that your film stands out from the hundreds of others? Are you planning to self-distribute? Understanding the cost and time it can take to market your film may become overwhelming and do you realise that cost can be far more than the budget put aside for the actual filming process? Are you going to attend one of the many markets (AFM, MIPCOM, etc.), in the hopes that some distributor will look at your film and decide that yours is the one that will increase their company revenue? While all, or some of these may be your choice, you still must understand the politics of these particular roads. As a first time filmmaker, I found that the best path to success for my film was to find a Producer Representative/Sales Agent. To get all the recommendations, click here!

Stage 32's 1st Annual Online Film Finance & Producing Conference

the leaders in online education for film creatives, we're extremely proud to introduce our 2017 Online Film Conference Series. Throughout the year, we'll be announcing events designed to give you timely, applicable information designed to help you succeed in 2017 and beyond. We kick it all off today with our 1st Annual Online Film Finance and Producing Conference!

No planes. No hotels. No expenses. No new wardrobe. No outrageous badge prices.

Just you, your computer and your willingness to learn. Click here to watch the video for all the details!


How To Develop Your Narrative Voice As An Editor (Jan 21)

In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, international director/editor, Max Leonida will use his years of experience to give you a more profound knowledge of the artistic nature of the editing process, together with a clear, up-to-date and technical expertise about the most important digital editing systems on the market. Max's most recent films include Run (winner at 2013 MIFF and double winner at the 3D International Festival) and the feature film “What Separates Us”, Best Feature at the Machetanz Film Festival.

Editing is not just a simple matter of pace, rhythm, and mere image composition: editing pertains to the core of storytelling itself. Every professional filmmaker knows that a closeup placed in the right place, at the right moment, can definitely chance the course of a narrative process. Editing includes re-defining the story, reconstructing the characters, reshaping the very structure to the point of even changing and re-dubbing the dialogue in a totally different way from the original script… all for the sake of beauty. And this webinar aims to give you these tools.

What You'll Learn:

    • Editing: the unnatural language of dreams (a premise)
    • Steenbeck vs. computer: the origins
    • The three writings of a movie (script, set and editing)
    • The three cuts of a movie (assembly, director and final)

    The Equipment Available To You As An Editor

    • Avid, Final Cut and Premiere Pro - the 3 big editing systems

    Tips On Working With Footage

    • Rhythm vs. Story: the eternal quest
    • Music, voices, effects and other magical tricks
    • The narrative process: everything is beauty
    • Saving the unsavable: bad images but good movies
    • Walking in the audience’s shoes

    Case Studies And Examples

And much, much more!

To register and get the full list of things you will learn, click here!

Stage 32’s Women In The Room - Breaking In As TV Writer! (Jan 26)

Stage 32 is dedicated to diversity and toward seeing that the imbalance of female creatives finding work changes permanently. That is why we are proud to present our Women In The Room series and the first installment Breaking In As a TV Writer!

Hosted by the Script Coordinator for Shots Fired, Courtney Smith, Women In The Room - is designed to show you how to break in and get paid as a television writer. Joining Courtney will be Sonia Kharkar, Showrunner's Assistant of such acclaimed programs as The Mindy Project and The Blacklist, Nicole Ranadive, Script Coordinator for Sleepy Hollow, and Solange Morales, a Writer's Assistant on Shots Fired.

If you’re interested in taking the first step toward landing a job in a TV writer’s room these ladies will give you advice on breaking in, breaking story and navigating the politics and personalities. We’ll go over what to expect once you’re in an assistant or script coordinator role – the good, the bad and the sleepless – straight from the dynamic ladies who help keep the train on the tracks. Plus, we’ll open up the floor so you can ask questions during a Q&A session at the end.

What You'll Learn:

Specific examples and resources you can use to break in.

-  How to write something to get you noticed

- Why breaking in as an assistant is a great way to get started.

- Pitfalls to avoid in the interview and on the job.

- What you don’t know (and no one ever tells you) before you start.

- How to handle the inevitable politics that can take over a writer's room

- What to expect on a typical day

- How to get your ideas heard.

- How to stay the course and get yourself in a position to run your own show

Plus - - Each panelist will provide 2 resources – A book or website that will benefit your career. A conference or festival to make the most of your networking.

and much, much more!

To register and get the full list of things you will learn, click here!


Pitch Opportunities

Brad Liberti -  Coordinator, Co-Op Entertainment - Saturday, January 21st · 12:30 - 2:10 PM PST - Specializes in action and sci-fi features.

Danny Alexander - Assistant to TV Agent, Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) - Saturday, January 21st · 1:30 - 3:10 PM PST - Specializes in TV pilots of all genres.

Devon Byers - Development Coordinator, Ideate Media - Saturday, January 21st · 4:30 - 6:10 PM PST - Specializes in horror, sci-fi, and thriller TV pilots.

Natalie Covault - Assistant to Manager, Brillstein Entertainment Partners - Sunday, January 22nd · 2:30 - 4:10 PM PST - Specializes in TV pilots.

DreamWorks - of DreamWorks - Sunday, January 22nd · 4:30 - 6:10 PM PST - Specializes in family, fantasy, adventure, and animated features. 





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Finding a Sales Agent or Producer Representative & What it Means to Your Film
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