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How to Get Exposure and Get Produced 

If your goal is to get your script produced it is absolutely essential to get more exposure. And you can totally do it. Getting a little or a lot of exposure is almost completely in your hands. Don't waste time waiting for producers and executives to approach you, be proactive every chance you get. We'll tell you how.

Since 2001, InkTip has helped more than 1,000 writers sell or option their scripts and has facilitated the production of over 300 films. InkTip has over than 2,000 active Industry members who are constantly searching for their next project… 

Learn more about getting exposure and getting produced here.

2017 New Years Resolution Series

Hello 2017! The New Year is always an exciting time for you as a creative because it's a fresh start and a blank slate to achieve whatever creative goals you have for yourself. For the past four years, one of my favorite things that I get to do is put together our Stage 32 New Years Resolution Series to assist you in achieving your goals. To help you on your journey, I have brought in some incredibly talented Stage 32 educators to teach about a variety of above the line and below the line topics all throughout the month of January. To check out the New Years Resolution series click here.

Stage 32 Success Story: US & Netherlands Production Shooting This Month

Our week of Stage 32 Success Stories continues. Today's entry comes from one of our very first members here on Stage 32, Phillip Sedgwick. Phillip's not only a remarkably talented screenwriter, a passionate collaborative and a true gentleman, but someone I'm proud to call friend.

One other thing about Phillip: He has a non-stop motor. He's a master networker, a solver of problems, and a creator of opportunities.

I thank Phillip for sharing his story with the community.


Dilemma: Learn To Craft The Dramatic Core of Your Story - (On Demand)

Learn directly from Jeff Kitchen, 20-Year Advanced Screenwriting Teacher who has taught Development Executives at all of the major Hollywood Studios!

This is a 4 session working writer intensive advanced course - over 12 hours of advanced instruction!

To succeed as a writer in Hollywood, whether in film, TV, or new media, you need top-notch skills as a storyteller and you need serious chops as a dramatist. The ability to find the dramatic core of your story in any genre and beef up its horsepower are crucial, and yet this is notoriously elusive. However, there is a time-tested technique of putting your protagonist in a good strong dilemma, building it to a crisis, forcing decision and action, and then ultimately resolving the dilemma, one way or the other. The full and proper use of this technique is not well known, however, but Jeff Kitchen has been teaching it for over twenty years.

What you will learn:

  • Find a central dilemma in your story or create one
  • Amplify the dilemma’s power and the whole script gets more compelling.
  • Build that dilemma to its critical juncture and force the issue.
  • Crisis is all the worst things happening at the worst possible moment.
  • Decision and Action in the face of Crisis reveals the protagonist’s true character
  • You never know who your real friends are until you’ve been through a crisis with them
  • The crucial distinction between Decision & Action and the protagonist’s Resolution.
  • Recorded Q&A with Jeff

To get the full four week schedule itinerary and register, click here!

Screenwriters: How to Create a Long Term Studio Writing Career (Jan 10)

Thanks to the digital revolution, today's screenwriters are enjoying opportunities that didn't exist a generation ago. But for all the innovation, one thing hasn't changed: the need for a team of first-rate industry professionals to help writers get in - and stay in - the Business.

Michael Colleary has 30+ years in the Hollywood trenches as a working studio screenwriter and producer in both features and television. In this exclusive webinar, he'll explain the screenwriter's unique role in a complex industry; the partners you need on your team - agents, lawyers, managers, and the Writers Guild, among others; and the skills and habits required for a long-term studio screenwriting career.

What You'll Learn:

  • Demystifying "The Business" - The ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry can be a challenging and confusing place. In this section Michael will discuss:
  • Screenwriter as Entrepreneur - Screenwriters can be notoriously slow to embrace their "business" side. Here Michael will discuss the crucial importance of connecting with your inner entrepreneur.
  • Building Your Team - You'll learn what each of your reps provides - and doesn't provide - for you.
  • Let's Make a Deal - In this section, Michael will explain the different categories of screenwriting jobs within the Studio system, including:
  • Money - Finally, Michael will break down how a screenwriter gets paid, how a writer's reps are paid, and how to manage economic unpredictability without losing your creative fire.
  • To register and obtain all the details regarding this amazing opportunity, Click Here!

Building Your Theater Career: From Regional Theater to Broadway (Jan 12)

Are you an actor looking to make the leap from educational theater to professional theater? Or have you built an on-camera career but would like to work in theater more? Outside the major markets of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, there is a lot of work for actors in Regional Theaters all over the country. Building a career in theater requires a strong working knowledge of the business, how to build relationships with casting directors, and how to best market yourself.

In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, actors Uma Incrocci and Christian Pedersen will walk you through each step of advancing your career in theater. They’ll share from their own experiences auditioning for and working in Regional Theaters, tours and off-Broadway.

What You'll Learn:

  • A breakdown of the different major markets
  • Different Equity contracts, how much they pay and what they mean – the difference between LORT, SPT, etc
  • How to get your Equity Card
  • Apprentice/Intern Programs at Regional Theaters
  • “Do I need an MFA?” An in-depth chat about this very present question for actors, with insight from Erica Jensen who attends many MFA showcases every year in New York
  • Equity Open Calls – how to prepare, and many tips from both sides of the table
  • Working in Union, Non-Union and Educational Tours
  • And much, much more!

To register and get the full list of things you will learn, click here!


Stage 32 offers a unique way to pitch your feature or pilot screenplay directly to executives throughout the industry, including managers, agents, creative executives and founding partners who would otherwise not accept unsolicited material. You will pitch directly to the executive listed and receive feedback from them.

Stage 32 offers pitching live, face-to-face with the executives over Skype, and written submissions.

Pitch Opportunities

Agustine Calderon - Development Executive, RatPac Entertainment - Saturday, January 7th · 10:00 - 11:40 AM PST - Specializes in action, comedy, horror, sci-fi and thriller features & TV pilots.

Tiffany Grant - Head of Television, Solar Drive Productions (CBS Studios) - Saturday, January 7th · 1:30 - 3:10 PM PST - Specializes in TV pilots.

David Hurst - Creative Executive, Lincoln Square Productions - ABC - Saturday, January 7th · 2:30 - 4:10 PM PST - Specializes in drama and thriller TV pilots.

Jillian Stein - Independent film producer - Sunday, January 8th · 2:30 - 4:10 PM PST Specializes in contained thriller features.

Kate Hart - Director of Development & Manager, Think Tank Management Sunday, January 8th · 8:30 PM PST - Specializes in drama, thriller, biopics, sci-fi and horror features & TV pilots.

Krista Sipp - TV Literary Coordinator, Circle of Confusion - Sunday, January 8th · 8:30 PM PST -Specializes in TV pilots of all genres.





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