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Welcome to the weekend, everyone. And a very Happy 4th of July Weekend to all those celebrating!

In this edition of the Weekend Blog under ENTERTAINMENT AND INDUSTRY NEWS, films directed by women receive much less distribution; the Academy looks to fix its diversity problem; STX searches for answers; a shrink provides answers; YouTube moves further into original content; Lionsgate expands their library with the acquisition of Starz; Alchemy files for bankruptcy; how Brexit will impact the film industry; U.S. peeps consume more media per day than ever, James Cameron slams the latest Star Wars movie and much, much more.

Some very cool content in the Videos section this week. First off, I have the Wes Anderson short that got it all started, Bottle Rocket. Then, a look at where it all started for the Coen’s Bros and their Blood Simple pitch trailer. And, finally, a look at the psychology of film editing.

Under Tips, happiness (you heard me), film finance, producing, filmmaking, acting and screenwriting tricks and info.


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Enjoy, and have a creative (and safe) weekend! 




RB's Video Mailbag! - What’s the difference between a wall post and a Lounge post? How do I get more content in my Home stream? I’ve heard you mention that it is imperative to post my reels and other media to my Stage 32 Profile page, but that’s time-consuming. Why can’t I just post a link to my YouTube page?  It seems as if most of your education is for screenwriters, when are you going to have some webinars for actors? RB answers all these questions in this video and you will learn everything you need to know to start successfully sharing, networking and connection on Stage 32! So definitely go ahead and check this video out.

Becoming a Writer/Director is Hard, But It’s Very Doable! Making films wasn’t Jason Wallace’s first thought on what he wanted to do with his life. An artist, sure, but what kind he had no idea. He floundered around up in Santa Barbara for a decade trying to figure this out. After surviving Isla Vista he found himself downtown taking every art course offered at City College. In this blog, he describes his adventures and what he learned. Read the entire blog here.

High Concept—It Actually Means Something! As writers, we have all come up against the agent, publisher, studio hack, or fellow writer who, when asked to give feedback on our story retorts, “Yeah, good idea, but … it needs to pop more. There’s no high concept.” Sigh, and what the heck does that mean? Click here to read the idea of High concept here!


Branding and Selling Yourself as a Writer In Hollywood (July 9) Branding yourself as a writer is integral to your success in the entertainment industry. Your brand is equal parts preferred medium, chosen genre(s), and personal voice/style. Once this is developed, it becomes easier to for you, your representation team, and/or your production company to sell and produce your material. In this Stage 32 webinar, development executive Tiegen Kosiak will teach you the importance of branding yourself as a screenwriter and how that brand is helpful in procuring representation, building relationships in the entertainment industry, and ultimately selling and producing your projects in the ever-changing Hollywood marketplace. To see what you will learn, click here

Indie Producers: Making Your Production Slate Work For You (July 12 ) Building a production slate as an independent producer is a challenging task. It requires a combination of material that speaks to your own personal brand but also is well rounded and has all the elements needed to ultimately get made. In this Stage 32 Webinar, experienced independent producer Holly Brown will cover how to build your own production slate and make it work for you. The class will be broken down into two parts, the first of which is defining who you are as a producer and what you want your brand (or your company's brand) to be. And this doesn't just include genre -- it may also include style, types of stories or characters and working style. Doing so will not only help you to target great material but also let other creatives what they should be bringing to you. To watch a preview of this webinar, click here! 

Deconstructing Spotlight, Network & All The President's Men: Award-Winning Narratives (July 14) Over the past few decades as the media landscape has changed, so have methods for reporting and information gathering. Your Stage 32 Next Level educator, award-winning director, James Kicklighter, has personally learned this while directing his new documentary film, Digital Edition, profiling the digital tools changing media as we know it. In “Deconstructing Spotlight, Network & All The President’s Men: Oscar-Winning Narratives,” we will evaluate and deconstruct common methods deployed in these three groundbreaking films to tell stories about journalism and media. Through this process, we will identify the successful techniques from these masterpieces for directing and writing movies about the media we consume. To review and register, click here! 


1st ever monthly Stage 32 Happy Writer's Meet Up!  We are excited to announce the first monthly Stage 32 Happy Writer's meetup! Swing by and meet Stage 32 team members Erik and Matt, as well as your fellow writers!! Come have fun, be social and meet some great people! Bring your business card to enter into our raffle for a chance to win a FREE set of Development Notes or a script read + 30 minute call with the executive of your choice! Click here to register and get more information!

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2nd Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest We are proud to open up our call for entries for the 2nd Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest! Last year's inaugural contest produced entries from Stage 32 members in 29 countries and resulted in a curated program of 6 incredible and well received short films (made by filmmakers from 4 countries). The Stage 32 Short Film Program screened theatrically at the 2015 Raindance Film Festival to critical acclaim from Variety and Indiewire. The program also screened to the Stage 32 community and was exposed to over 500 working industry executives who had the opportunity to connect with any of the winning filmmakers. To read about this contest and register before the Wednesday, Jul 20 Deadline Click here!


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Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

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Films Directed by Women Receive 63% Less Distribution Than Male-Helmed Movies 

Movie Academy Stresses Diversity as it Invites Record 683 for Membership 

STX Entertainment Still Looking to Make Its Mark After ‘Free State of Jones’ Flops 

A Shrink Reveals How to Win at Hollywood's Real-Life Game of Thrones 

YouTube Unveils Slate of 8 Original Series 

Lionsgate Agrees to Buy Starz for $4.4B in Cash and Stock 

Distributor Alchemy Likely to File For Bankruptcy Protection 

Cameron Bailey on Why the Toronto Film Festival Is Taking the ‘Plunge’ Into Virtual Reality 

Brexit Is "Major Blow" to Film, TV Industries 

European Commission Launches $134M Scheme To Back Film, TV Companies 

U.S. Adults Consume an Hour More of Media Per Day 

Plan To Make Small L.A. Theatres Pay Actors Minimum Wage Headed To Court 

YouTube Has a Quality Problem and 4 More Takeaways From Vidcon 2016 

James Cameron Slams Star Wars: The Force Awakens: It Lacked ‘Visual Imagination’ 


Wes Anderson’s ‘Bottle Rocket’ Short Film: Watch the 13 Minute Clip That Launched His Career 

The Original Coen’s Bros Blood Simple Pitch Trailer 

The Psychology of Film Editing – Creating Post Production Techniques 


Want to be Happier? Science Says to do These 11 Tings Every Day 

The 7 Dirty Secrets of Film Financing 

How Talent Managers Really See Actors 

5 Key Tips for Producing a Successful Short Film 

3 Screenwriting Tips From Gone Girl 

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