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Welcome to the weekend, everyone.

Spent a terrific week down at SXSW. It was great to meet and reconnect with so many Stage 32 members throughout my time down there and especially at the Pond5 / Stage 32 Filmmakers Lounge.

The dominant conversation on the SXSW film side of things was all about distribution. The indie film community is abuzz from all the latest news regarding new streaming and online opportunities for indie content providers. Mark Duplass shook the foundations from the very start in his keynote speech when he suggested that indie filmmakers should not even think about theatrical. I have his 8 Tips for Success in the Filmmaking Business under TIPS below. There is no question the indie content renaissance continues.

This week under ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, Ethan Hawke talks indies and blockbusters; the Hollywood studios are banking more than ever on franchises; more Americans are ditching their traditional television outlets; producers on direct to Netflix fare weigh the positives and negatives; a complete list of what’s streaming on Netflix in April; the complete list of winners from SXSW; Goodfellas will get a special 25th anniversary (good god…25 years) screening at Tribeca; Lionsgate makes a deal in China; all sorts of Apple and HBO streaming news; the 3D fad is almost behind us and much, much more.

Under TIPS this month, in addition to the Duplass article I mentioned above, I have post-production info from the Boyhood team plus short filmmaking, screenwriting and acting 411.

Under VIDEOS, I have an extremely cool film showcasing the first and last frames of films by Kubrick, Fincher, Malick and more. I also have a terrific frame by frame look at the iconic beach scene from Jaws and the trailer for Pixels.

We launched the new Stage 32 Meetups section last week and the community responded in remarkable fashion. There are now over 80 meetups planned around the world. You can see many of them right now under STAGE 32 MEETUPS.

It was a terrific week for many members of our community. We had more writers signed through the Stage 32 Happy Writers and other creatives who found work through the Stage 32 Jobs section. Get inspired and congratulate your fellow 32’er by browsing through the latest and greatest STAGE 32 SUCCESS STORIES below.

As always, there’s much happening around the community this week. You can see all the latest happenings under STAGE 32 NEWS. And finally, no matter what your discipline, there’s always something happening in the Stage 32 Lounge. I have some of the most viewed Lounge discussions from the last week in the POPULAR AND INTERESTING LOUNGE DISCUSSIONS section below.

As always, I welcome healthy debate and commentary on any of the content below in the Comments section.

Hope you all have a terrific and creative weekend. I look forward to seeing you around the site!



This past week Stage 32 took over Austin, Texas and SXSW! We want to say a big thank you to everyone who made it to the Stage 32 | Pond5 Filmmakers Lounge on Monday, March 16. It was a fantastic night of food, drinks, networking and two incredible filmmaking panels. For those who attended, please upload any and all pictures with the hashtags #stage32rocks and #NextGenFilm so all of our members around the world can see the fun!

Introducing the new Stage 32 Meetup Section! No longer just a category within the Stage 32 Lounge, with the new Stage 32 Meetups section you can now create a meetup in your area or browse meetups going on around you. Whether you are the Meetup creator, someone choosing to attend, or if you just know someone who might be interested in attending a scheduled event, you can invite not only people from the Stage 32 network, but people outside of Stage 32 as well! There's already over a dozen Meetups ready to go around the world, so, what are you waiting for? Go connect! To read more about the incredible new features of the Meetup section, click here: Stage 32 Meetups

We are honored that Film Reverie had our fearless leader, Richard "RB" Botto on their popular podcast. For 90 minutes RB talked with hosts Michael Bekemeyer and Brad Kingston about all things creative, industry, networking, filmmaking and more.
 This is a fun talk about filmmaking and industry, but also creativity and finding balance in your life between the things that need to be done and the things you would like to do. To read more about what they went over during the podcast, as well as to listen to the podcast for free, click here: Film Reverie Podcast


Saturday 3/21 at 11am PDT Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents How To Write (And Produce!) A Festival Darling hosted by Maren Olson, President of Independent Production, Packaging and Sales Company Traction Media (Short Term 12)! In this webinar, you will learn what kind of independent film project goes on to become a “Festival Darling” and what you can do to better position your independent film for festival success, from script to screen. Host Maren Olson will deconstruct both the writing stage- from the major components of a festival-friendly story idea, to what to consider regarding location and characters, all the way to how to incorporate thinking about the budget when writing your script- as well as the production stage – from how to make sure your film gets properly considered by the right people, to which festivals you should submit to and when, all the way to the common ways festival friendly scripts turn into a film that no festival wants to play. To read more about the webinar, see a video from Maren and to sign up, click here: How To Write (And Produce!) A Festival Darling

Thursday 3/26 at 1pm PST Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents Maximizing The Quality Of Your Directing Work hosted by Michael Davis, director of Shoot ‘Em Up (Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti) and The Amazing Steve Ross with Steven Spielberg. In this webinar, Michael will teach you how to maximize both the quality of the films you direct and the recognition of your work, so you can gain higher and more exciting filmmaking opportunities. He will go in-depth about the directing process, from how to make the most of the pre-production phase, to the politics of film and how to navigate them, to how to interact with producers and film executives, to how to get attention as a director, to dealing with actors on and off set, all the way to the most effective ways to market and distribute your film. You will leave the webinar with a comprehensive understanding of how to maximize your directing work and gain bigger and better exposure. To read more about the webinar, see a video from Michael and to sign up, click here:  Maximizing The Quality Of Your Directing Work

Saturday 3/28 at 11am PST Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents The Globalization of Hollywood: It’s Not Just LA Anymore -What This Means For Your Career hosted by Alex Franklin, veteran Studio Executive for New Line Cinema, Dimension Films, Lionsgate Films and Artisan Entertainment! In this webinar, you will learn which markets are becoming the top foreign markets, important statistics and international comparisons, how foreign audiences, industries, and governments are changing the Hollywood system, and what all of this means for your career. The growth of international markets continues to impact studio filmmaking decisions, and foreign markets like China dominate the entertainment news. Therefore it is critical that the next generation of Hollywood producers and filmmakers understand the ways in which globalization is reshaping the industry. To read more about the webinar, see a video from Alex and to sign up, click here: The Globalization of Hollywood: It’s Not Just LA Anymore






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