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Hey guys…Welcome to the weekend. 

Still in full digging out mode from the Cannes Film Festival, so this will be another brief opening. Rest assured, I still have a full slate of industry and entertainment news, tips, videos and, of course, everything happening around the Stage 32 platform.

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6 Tips To Crush Your Interview At A Hollywood Talent Agency - Want to write, act, direct, negotiate, produce, walk a celebrity’s dog? Whatever your dream gig is, if you’re trying to break into Hollywood, there’s no better place to start than a talent agency. Everything you could ever need to launch a successful career is behind those spotless, heavy glass doors in Beverly Hills — or Culver City, you know who you are. The best (and worst) scripts to read. Contacts who will put your resume in the right hands and lie about how great you are to the powers that be. And, oh yeah, information. Specifically on job openings. At an agency desk, you’re the first to find out about the juiciest positions. First, you have to get past the interview. Unless your uncle is a Partner at the agency. If he is, good for you, skip it and prove that nepotism ain’t always bad. If he’s not, here are 6 tips to crush that high stakes meeting!

Cut it out! I've done it, you’ve done it, everyone’s done it: as you watch a movie or TV show you find yourself screaming “not that again!” or “he wouldn’t do that!” or “that makes no sense!” Those things that just leap out as contrivances that just don’t work. I also reached out to colleagues in the entertainment industry for their ideas. I’d like this blog post to be interactive: list your peeves and grievances in the comments section or let me know where you agree or disagree. Every filmmaker and scriptwriter should look over these lists – and don’t do those things! Stop it! Cut it out!

The Five Most Powerful Tools A Film Score Composer Has The job of a film score composer is to elicit an emotional response from the audience viewing the film. Bing, Bang, Boom!!! In a nut shell that's it! That's the job description! Sometimes the score needs to terrify the audience or fill them with suspense, other times it calls for a triumphant feeling. Composers are called to make people laugh, cry and even fall in love. Each composer has their own 'voice' and their scores encompass an enormous variety of styles of music, depending on the nature of the films they accompany. However, there are five powerful tools that all of the greatest composers use and have used for a very long time. Click here to read them!  


True Stories: How to Obtain Rights, Write and Pitch an Emotionally-Charged Inspirational Project (On Demand) Stage 32 is excited to bring you the previously-recorded 3 part class: True Stories: How to Obtain Rights, Write and Pitch an Emotionally-Charged Inspirational Project taught by Dorian Connelley, Producer at Apex Entertainment. Learn what it takes to write a compelling, market-ready true story and how to successfully pitch it to production companies. Saving Mr. Banks, 127 Hours, A Beautiful Mind, Ali, Ray. Some of the most critically acclaimed and buzz worthy films in cinematic history are films based on true stories. These true-life icons, heroes and people that defied the odds have the power to bring an audience to tears and inspire them to make a change in their own lives. That cinematic power is the main reason why people go to see movies and what executives look for when reading true stories. It's often hard to find a script based on a true story that combines worldwide appeal and an emotional punch. To review the class topics and register for this opportunity, Click here

Get In the Writer's Room: Becoming a TV Staff Writer (May 31) Breaking into the Television industry is tough, but perhaps the most difficult area of the TV business to enter is the writing staff. And yet, it’s not impossible. In fact, many people from all walks of life and from different educational and professional backgrounds find their way onto writing staffs everyday and go on to build lucrative careers in this cutthroat enterprise. In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, TV Writer/Producer Charlie Charbonneau will teach you how you can too! Charlie has worked on the writing staffs of three different CW genre shows, including The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, and its spin-off The Originals, and he has mentored many eager young writers desiring to write for TV. In this webinar, he will explain why it’s so notoriously difficult to ‘get staffed’ by identifying the budgetary, political, and practical craft constraints of the television writing landscape. Then, he will detail the wide array of different tools, methods, and pathways to surpassing these obstacles. Among other topics, he’ll discuss the benefits of different educational institutions and industry work-shop programs, how to get your foot in the door with different entry-level jobs, which support jobs in a writers’ office lead to paid writing, as well as what material to write and how to get the right people to read it.

No matter your background or level of experience, all students will come away with a deeper understanding of the obstacles and the many surprising solutions to getting and keeping a spot at that big scary table in the Television writers’ room.  Click here to register!

Short Film Master Class - Learn To Take Your Idea From Concept To Post-Production (June 6) - Jason Mirch is a feature film and television producer and consultant based in Los Angeles, California. Most recently, Mirch founded Destructo Productions and is currently producing a feature film based on the New York Time best selling memoir Odd Man Outby Matt McCarthy. This intensive 5-week course will give students the tools and techniques necessary to produce a world class short film. Each week will be dedicated to a different aspect of the short filmmaking process, including, concept development and writing of your short, budgeting and scheduling, understanding and drafting production agreements, pro-tips on directing actors, and how to get the most out of the post production process. You are strongly encouraged to come with ideas for a short film, which will be developed over the course of the 5 weeks, so by the conclusion of the class, you should have a screenplay ready for production! To review the entire course topics and to register, click here!


Paradigm Talent Agency -  Kevin Crosby (Saturday, June 4th · 2:30 - 4:10 PM PDT)

Specializes in action/adventure, sci-fi and comedy feautres & TV

Kevin Crosby has been an Agent Trainee at Paradigm since February of 2014, starting in the Theater Literary Department in New York before moving to the Motion Picture Literary Department in Beverly Hills in February 2016. Kevin received his undergraduate degree from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.

Mad Riot Entertainment - Samantha Schoen Production Coordinator (Sunday, May 29th · 2:30 - 4:10 PM PDT)

Specializes in dramas, comedies, rom-coms and historical features & TV

Sam began working for Mark Canton's production company Mad Riot Entertainment in September of 2014 after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with a degree in Television, Radio & Film, with concentrations in Music Industry and Theatre. Mark has produced films like: Cake, Outcast, Rites of Passage, Immortals, 300, Full of It, Angel Eyes, Get Carter.

Executive Mentoring Program

Your choice of executive will call you for an hour long private one-on-one call to mentor you and answer any questions you have about your projects, the industry, any everything in between. Not sure which of your ideas to pursue next? Wondering which of your projects has the best chance in the marketplace? Get these questions and more answered from our exclusive list of experienced, hand-selected executives. The executive will mentor you on how to make sure you are positioning your scripts correctly, how to perfect your pitch and story ideas that will give your script a competitive edge. This is your hour, and you can ask the executive any story-related or business strategy question you have to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Executive Mentoring Programs do not come with a script read. Purchase Executive Mentoring Program - On Sale $175.00





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