RB's Stage 32 News, Notes, Discussions, and Other Fun Stuff (May 2nd, 2014)

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

Is it the weekend already? Wow.

Another incredible week of member participation these last 7 days as you’ll see by the quality of posts in the Popular and Interesting Lounge Discussions area.  My thanks to all who started discussions and all those who contributed.

In entertainment news, we lost a great actor and all around class act this week in Bob Hoskins, superstar indie producer Cassian Elwes slams the Hollywood tentpole system, HBO brings back Project Greenlight, Jerry Seinfeld gets re-upped, Hulu scores again, a cool look at how all the clones on Orphan Black share the screen at the same time, a fun look back at Breaking Bad, and a bunch of Star Wars VII and Tony Awards news.

Plus, I have some great trailers, a bunch of cool acting, screenwriting, and filmmaking tips, and all the proposed and planned Stage 32 Meetups happening around the globe.

I hope you have a terrific and creative weekend.




Much thanks to lyricist and composing legend, Michael Kunze, for writing about Stage 32 on his excellent blog.

And, my thanks to Stage 32 member, Laurie Ashbourne, for her coverage of our acquisition of The Happy Writers on her fantastic blog, 1st 10 Pages.

We have two exciting classes beginning next Monday on The Stage 32 Happy Writers:

First, it’s Lee Jessup’s Master Class, Breaking Into the Industry – Creating and Maintaining A Screenwriting Career.  Space is limited.  For more information, click here: Breaking Into the Industry - Creating and Maintaining a Screenwriting Career

Next, it’s Garrick Dion’s (Drive, Whiplash) Master Lab, First Level Working Writer Master Lab.  This is Garrick’s 3rd time teaching this Lab for us. Space is limited. To learn more, click here: First Level Working Writer's Lab

Also, spots for Pitchfest XVI:  Leaders of Hollywood are now available.  Pitch to Circle of Confusion, Electric City, Paramount Insurge, and Resolution. For more and to register, click here: Online PitchFest XVI: Leaders of Hollywood

Finally, in our Exclusive Next Level Webinar Series, we have Commercial Modeling for Actors with Aaron Marcus, a 30 year vet who’s been cast 1,201 times!












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Amadeus and the Power of Acting
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