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Welcome to the weekend, everyone. Hope you all had a terrific week.

Kicking off this edition of the Weekend Blog, many of you have heard me preach about the fact that more creatives are taking their career into their own hands by filming a short as proof of concept. One of the most recent and high profile examples of this was Damian Chazelle filming Whiplash as a short and submitting it to Sundance. Not only was the film accepted, but it won its category at the fest. This allowed Chazelle the opportunity to film Whiplash as a feature. The rest is history. Not only did Whiplash win Best Picture at Sundance a year later, but it was nominated for multiple Academy Awards as well.

Today, under ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, we kick things off with the man himself telling you why you should make a short film before thinking about a feature. It’s a great read and one you should take to heart.

Other articles in the ENTERTAINMENT NEWS include the interesting move P.T. Anderson made regarding distribution of his next film; Quentin Tarantino sounds off (again); Christopher Nolan makes his plea for film over digital (again); some fun with the screenwriter of Back to the Future; Pan gets whacked at the box office; a look at the new and old equipment and tricks the front runners for the cinematography Oscar are using; Jennifer Lawrence asks why she makes less money than her male counterparts; more and more entertainment diversity news; UTA and CAA are still locking horns; 25 of the most rewatchable movies of all time; TV production is on the rise in L.A.; the latest tax incentive news and much, much more.

Under VIDEOS this week, I’ve pulled 4 goodies from the Stage 32 YouTube page. Didn’t know we had a YouTube page? We do! And we’re constantly posting new, free tips, tricks, info and interviews. You can subscribe here.

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Under TIPS this week, I have filmmaking, 1st AD, screenwriting, television producing and acting tips and info.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, it’s also Introduce Yourself Weekend here on Stage 32. Increase your network all weekend long by making a post and welcoming others. You never know when a new connection will move the needle on your career. Be active…Be visible.

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I hope you all have an awesome and creative weekend.





It’s that time again! Time for the October 2015 edition of On Stage with RB. Every month our Founder & CEO, RB, in an online webinar setting brings on special guests who work in the industry, such as filmmakers and executives to offer advice to our community, and he goes over the best way to use Stage 32 to help your career. Afterwards, he opens up the floor to you for a live Q&A session about anything and everything in the industry. Best of all, this is FREE, exclusively for Stage 32 members. To read more about the upcoming On Stage with RB session and to register, click here: October 2015 Edition of On Stage With RB


Due to overwhelming demand, the Stage 32 Search For New Blood Screenwriting Contest Final Deadline has been extended until October 22nd at midnight PST! If you have a horror, thriller, action or sci fi feature that you think could be the next break out hit, we want it! We take our contest winners’ success very seriously and want to make sure everyone has a chance to enter. Our past contest winners have signed with major companies like ICM, BenderSpink, 3 Arts Entertainment and Paradigm. To read more about this contest and to submit your script during the extended deadline, click here: Search For New Blood Screenwriting Contest Final Deadline Extended


Recently Stage 32 was featured as the top story on Variety's website. Needless to say the entire Stage 32 team is quite excited to have our efforts recognized. To see a video from RB and to read the article, click here: Stage 32 Featured in Variety


We are thrilled to announce our newest feature: IMDb importing to your Stage 32 profile! Many of you have asked for the ability to simply import your IMDB credits to your Stage 32 profile. We listened, and today we're proud to deliver this feature to our talented members. To read more about this new feature and learn how to import your credits directly to your profile, click here: Introducing IMDb Importing


Many of you have asked where you could get Stage 32 gear, and, by popular demand, we are excited to bring you the new Stage 32 store! We have over a dozen items for you to chose from including shirts, hats, totes, notebooks, coffee cups, water bottles and shot glasses (inspired by our fearless leader)! Whether you're heading to class, to the set, to the gym, or simply just lounging around, we have something for all! To see the range of products available, click here: Stage 32 Store



Starting Wednesday 10/21 Stage 32 Next Level Education is thrilled to bring you our first ever Advanced Screenwriting 10 Week Working Writers Lab - Advanced Plot Construction Technique! This lab is taught by Jeff Kitchen, who has taught his three-step process, Sequence, Proposition, Plot, to development executives from all the major Hollywood studios—and they consistently say it’s the most advanced development tool in the film industry. Now, for the first time anywhere, Jeff is doing a high-intensity training program on this remarkable tool, an exclusive for Stage 32! This course is created for seasoned writers and development executives; Beginners are absolutely welcome, but please be aware this will be high-impact and fast paced.
In this lab you will learn:

  • The detailed mechanics of how to work with reverse cause and effect and sophisticated conflict structuring.
  • How to use Sequence, Proposition, Plot to systematically build out each of the acts.
  • How to turn a fairly developed idea into a structured outline that gradually knits all your story elements into a coherent script.
  • How to take all the energy that goes into rewrites and engineer your script properly before you write it.
  • How to create a remarkably solid working draft of your story.

To read more about this lab, see a video from Jeff and to register, click here: Advanced Screenwriting 10 Week Working Writers Lab - Advanced Plot Construction Technique


Wednesday 10/21 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents Writing the Cinematic Protagonist: Creating Multi-Dimensional Lead Characters hosted by Tyler Ruggeri, who has worked on both sides of the business, as a Hollywood manager who managed Damien Chazelle, whose film Whiplash was nominated for five Academy Awards, and as a professional screenwriter, most recently selling a script to Maven Pictures! In this webinar, Tyler will focus on studying (and deconstructing) the building blocks of movie protagonists in a straightforward, fun, and easy to digest format. He’ll discuss character in a macro-level approach while zeroing in on recent examples from popular films, and you'll leave knowing how to shape a screenplay that’s fresh and unexpected while remaining accessible to all kinds of viewers.
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • How to externalize your character’s inner feelings and goals to make them relatable to viewers.
  • How to structure your story so we learn more about the protagonist as it goes on.
  • How “rooting for” a character doesn’t mean what you think it does.
  • How an unlikable character can actually be an asset to your script.
  • Tips, shortcuts, and other ways to harness your character.
  • How to write specific characters with universal traits.
  • How to avoid writer’s block.

To read more about this webinar, see a video from Tyler and to register, click here: Writing the Cinematic Protagonist: Creating Multi-Dimensional Lead Characters


Saturday 10/24 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents 8 Audition Prep Secrets To Book More Work hosted by Aaron Marcus, a 30+ year actor who has booked over 1,200 jobs and currently has a recurring role on House Of Cards! In this webinar, you will learn step-by-step what you will want to do as soon as you get the email, text or phone call about the audition. You will learn what types of questions to ask, how to research to prepare for your read, memorization techniques, and more. You will leave this webinar fully prepared to prepare for any audition you face in a manner that will impress every casting director you meet!
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • What questions you need to ask before accepting the audition
  • How and what to research in order to best prepare for your read
  • What you should do as soon as you receive the sides
  • Tips in analyzing the sides
  • Techniques to use to help you memorize your lines
  • Learn to use your nervousness to your advantage
  • Acting techniques to help you practice prior to your audition
  • What to do in the casting directors office before your audition

To read more about this webinar, see a video from Aaron and to register, click here: 8 Audition Prep Secrets To Book More Work


Wednesday 10/28 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents Producing Without Borders: International Co-Productions hosted by Brendan Foley, an award-winning Writer-Producer-Director who has made features, TV drama and animation across 11 countries! In this webinar, you will learn about different types of producing partners - creative, financial, public and private. You will also learn when co-producing makes sense for you or your project and when it should be avoided. Brendan will then be joined by two major guests: Ronni Coulter, SVP Business Affairs Sony Animation (previously Sony Pictures and Dreamworks) and top European co-producer Lars Hermann (ex Nordisk, Filmfyn film fund, Copenhagen Film Festival, now with Danish state broadcaster DR).
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • The pros and cons of co-producing.
  • How to understand what each partner wants and what they bring.
  • Working across borders.
  • A breakdown of how to find financing around the world.
  • Co-production budget issues.
  • How to handle cultural and creative differences.
  • A breakdown of the different financial partners available.
  • Negotiating with partners across borders.

To read more about this webinar, see a video from Brendan and to register, click here: Producing Without Borders: International Co-Productions














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