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Quick check in for this edition of the Weekend Blog. I’m up in beautiful (and chilly) Dover, VT at ITVFest. Tomorrow I’ll be speaking on breaking in to the industry. So if you’re in attendance, please be sure to come by and say hello. Then it’s off to the Austin Film Festival. We’ll be announcing all the Stage 32 happenings we’ll have going on there soon.

In the meantime, here’s some content that drew my interest over the last week. As always I welcome your thoughts.

Enjoy and have a fantastic and creative weekend.




20 Things I've Learned In 20 Years As A Professional Writer -  OK, I’ll admit that I can tell a story, and with 15 books and 3 feature films on my resume I’m clearly doing something right but if you’re expecting me to tell you what it is, I can’t. Because the simple truth is that like most events in my 57 years on this earth, becoming a writer just kind of happened. As a consequence, I spent most of my time wondering how I’m getting away with it. However, what the 20 years that have passed since the publication of my first book have equipped me with is experience. Lots of it. And since I’ve been asked to contribute a blog to Stage32, I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to pass on some of the pearls of wisdom I’ve accumulated. Hopefully, one or two of them might help someone wanting to tread the same slippery path as I have. Click here to read Dougie's blog here!

What Can You Learn From A Linguist? Watch TV With One, and Find Out! - “Legen-wait for it-dary.” “I couldn’t help but wonder...” “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”Can you identify any of the above phrases as associated with a particular television series or television character? The first one is the catchphrase of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother; the second is the start of Carrie Bradshaw’s many musings on Sex and the City, and the last was uttered by various cast members of Seinfeld. If you got any of these correct, then you’ve been the receptive target of language use in one of its most powerful contexts: television. In other words, you’ve been on the receiving end of dialogue carefully crafted to construct or comply with the unique linguistic identities of fictional television characters. As these examples illustrate, well-written words are also entertaining, they endear us to the characters who speak them, and they embed themselves in our collective memory. What makes some fictional television series more memorable and beloved than others arguably boils down to one thing: good writing. Click here to read the entire blog!

The Stage 32 2016 Women Trailblazers /'wɪmɪn//'treil/ /ˈbleɪzər/ [noun]: A female creative that kick ass and take names. They have paved the road for other female creatives that want to kick ass and take names. Every film and television show is a collaborative effort, it’s not just the stars or directors you see in interviews or on the red carpet. It literally takes a tribe to make the gems we watch on the big and small screen. And an integral part of this tribe are women creatives, who roll up their sleeves day in and day out to create, refine, and perfect your favorite movies and television shows. And it’s time we put the spotlight on them.


From Tumblr to Twitter: Legal Protection for Your Online Content - (OCT 13) Content creators are increasingly relying on digital and social media platforms to build their brand. In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, Jaia Thomas will equip attendees with the tools necessary to protect their work in an increasingly online world. Jaia Thomas is an entertainment attorney with over nine years of legal experience assisting clients with transactional and intellectual property matters. She regularly counsels filmmakers and producers on all aspects of film financing, production and distribution.  In the first part of this webinar, Jaia will outline the copyright registration process. Are YouTube videos protected under U.S. Copyright Act? Are Vimeo videos protected under the U.S. Copyright Act? Jaia will answer these questions and more. She will also provide attendees with a step-by-step guide for registering digital works with the U.S. Copyright Office. Click here to read what you will learn in this informative Webinar and register! 

How to Get a Screenwriting Manager – Examples & Resources - (On Demand)   There is a lot of information at your fingertips on how to approach a screenwriting manager, but how do you know if your approach works? What if you have the chance to pull back the curtain back and hear directly from a literary manager what makes them interested? Stage 32 has brought in literary manager Conrad Sun from Meridian Artists for an advanced look into a manager’s mindset when considering a new writer. Conrad manages writers working in film and TV including BLINDSPOT, BOJACK HORSEMAN, 2 BROKE GIRLS, MOTIVE, SLASHER.

In this jam-packed 90-minute webinar Conrad will give an overview of the screenwriter/manager relationship. But, more importantly, he will be sharing real-life examples of writing samples, queries, competitions and pitch-fests that have caught his eye. You will even see his client’s writing sample – the TV pilot script for BLINDSPOT – which is now a show on NBC. Plus, you will get a list of resources to help on your journey. Click here now to view this webinar start benefiting from the resources now! 

Breaking Down the Non-Theatrical Release - (On Demand) The goal of this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar is to teach Stage 32 Filmmakers about greater outreach in their non-theatrical film releases that extend beyond VOD platforms to airlines, army bases, hotels, clubs, cruise ships, and educational venues.  This webinar will teach you the basics of non-theatrical releases, how to achieve these ancillary deals, what kind of equity can you expect, the decreased revenue from DVD and increased revenue from VOD and television. Your host, Deborah Gilels, has been a media consultant for the past 11 years, with prior experience in development, acquisitions and foreign sales. Now, working independently as a media consultant, she assists filmmakers and companies in areas such as strategic alliances, launching films and obtaining distribution. We’ll talk about the kinds of indie films and docs that are attractive to these ancillary markets and how to get these projects noticed!   There are many ways to achieve the goal of getting your film out there- and in places you never thought likely! Your host, Deborah Gilels, has been a media consultant for the past 11 years, with prior experience in development, acquisitions and foreign sales. Now, working independently as a media consultant, she assists filmmakers and companies in areas such as strategic alliances, launching films and obtaining distribution.  


Branding and Selling Yourself as a Writer In Hollywood (On Demand) - Branding yourself as a writer is integral to your success in the entertainment industry. Your brand is equal parts preferred medium, chosen genre(s), and personal voice/style. Once this is developed, it becomes easier to for you, your representation team, and/or your production company to sell and produce your material. In this Stage 32 webinar, development executive Tiegen Kosiak will teach you the importance of branding yourself as a screenwriter and how that brand is helpful in procuring representation, building relationships in the entertainment industry, and ultimately selling and producing your projects in the ever-changing Hollywood marketplace. Click here to download the seminar now!

Pitch Opportunities

Bradley Gallo - Chief Creative Officer, Amasia Entertainment - Saturday, October 8th - Specializes in thriller, action, horror, sci-fi, and true-story features & TV pilots. 

Daniel Vang - Manager, Good Fear Film + Management - Saturday, October 8th - Specializes in all genres, all formats, and material based on IP. 

Nick Watson - Creative Executive, Artillery Creative - Sunday, October 9th - Specializes in comedy and drama TV pilots, and all genres of features.

Erin Larsen - Development Coordinator, Robert Cort Productions - Sunday, October 9th - Specializes in family, comedy, drama, thriller, and rom-com features

Morgan White - Creative Executive, Sundial Pictures - Wednesday, October 12th - Specializes in thriller, drama and sci-fi features.  





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