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I’m baaaacckkk…And so is the Weekend Blog.

Based on all the emails and DM’s I received, you missed your weekly dose of news, vids, tips and tricks. Truly happy to hear how much many of you look forward to perusing all the content I offer up each weekend.

But it does beg the question…Why do so many of you choose not to comment and discuss said content? Let’s remedy that this week, shall we! Let’s hear from you down in the Comments section. Remember, discussion and (healthy) debate leads to growth…And we all want to grow, don’t we? Sure we do!

I look forward to your thoughts.

Speaking of growth, it’s time to grow your network because it’s also Introduce Yourself Weekend here on Stage 32. Last month we set a record for new network connections and posts. Not coincidentally (at least in my eyes), we also had a record-breaking month for new jobs secured and success stories on the site.

So head over to the Introduce Yourself section of the Lounge and get networking! Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie, and oldie or an in-betweenie. Everyone is welcome to post and encouraged to contribute!

But first, leave a comment, will ya!

Enjoy the content and have a terrific weekend!




Pay It Forward: Another Stage 32 Film Premiering This Week - As Filmmakers, we all try to move forward and create our films with the talent, materials and tools at our disposal. Some of these we may have in or arsenal and others we acquire through purchasing, hiring, renting, borrowing or simply putting the “arm” on colleagues. However, apart from a great story and script, some of the most important components of our productions are those resources called humans. Whether above the line or below, these critical creative team members are not inanimate objects that sit on a shelf somewhere, ready to be plucked off when needed. Good people are hard to find and usually have full schedules. Click here to find out why having a great network is so important!

The '30 Minutes With...' Series - Exclusive To Stage 32 Members! - Hello friends and fellow creatives! Erik here from the Stage 32 Happy Writers. One of the best parts of my job is that I get so much face time with executives across the industry. I get to watch as writers around the world pitch to them every week, I get to hear their thoughts, their first reactions and read the feedback they send in for each and every pitch. I'm in an extremely lucky position to be able to ask these executives questions about pitching and what they're seeing in the industry, and I want to extend this very same opportunity to each and every one of you! I'm going to do just that by kicking off our Fall 2016 "30 Minutes With..." Series starting this Friday. Click here for all the details of this amazing series!

A Filmmaker's Perspective On Acting: Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid - Having been a full-time writer-director/producer for the past 15 years and having taught my twice-monthly 'So You Want To Be An Actor' Workshops for the past seven, I'm often asked by young - and in some cases, older - actors how they can best achieve their dreams, but, sometimes, I think what they need to be asking is 'what pitfalls should I avoid? It's frustrating for me because I frequently see many actors making the very same mistakes in their career - often things that require little else than common sense to combat. Yet, these mistakes can truly hinder their progress and set them back. Click here for the Top 10 Mistakes That Actors Commonly Make! 


Short Film Master Class - Learn To Take Your Idea From Concept To Post-Production - Every successful filmmaker has, at some point in their career, written, directed, and/or produced a short film. For filmmakers who are just starting out, a short film is the best calling card to showcase their unique talent and vision. It is important to remember that short filmmaking is different from feature filmmaking, with challenges unique to the process. Even so, producing a short film may seem daunting, but there are several key secrets to getting the most out of your project. In this 5-session online master class, learn from leading producer Jason Mirch. Jason is a feature film and television producer and consultant based in Los Angeles, California. Most recently, Mirch founded Destructo Productions and is currently producing a feature film based on the New York Time best selling memoir Odd Man Outby Matt McCarthy.

This intensive 5-week course will give students the tools and techniques necessary to produce a world class short film. Each week will be dedicated to a different aspect of the short filmmaking process, including, concept development and writing of your short, budgeting and scheduling, understanding and drafting production agreements, pro-tips on directing actors, and how to get the most out of the post production process. You are strongly encouraged to come with ideas for a short film, which will be developed over the course of the 5 weeks, so by the conclusion of the class, you should have a screenplay ready for production! Click here to get the full details of this 5 week class schedule and register today!


How to Get a Screenwriting Manager – Examples & Resources (Sept 23) - There is a lot of information at your fingertips on how to approach a screenwriting manager, but how do you know if your approach works? What if you have the chance to pull back the curtain back and hear directly from a literary manager what makes them interested?  Stage 32 has brought in literary manager Conrad Sun from Meridian Artists for an advanced look into a manager’s mindset when considering a new writer. Conrad manages writers working in film and TV including BLINDSPOT, BOJACK HORSEMAN, 2 BROKE GIRLS, MOTIVE, SLASHER.

In this jam-packed 90-minute webinar Conrad will give an overview of the screenwriter/manager relationship. But, more importantly, he will be sharing real-life examples of writing samples, queries, competitions and pitchfests that have caught his eye. You will even see his client’s writing sample – the TV pilot script for BLINDSPOT – which is now a show on NBC. Plus, you will get a list of resources to help on your journey. Click here to review the full course material and register today!


An Expert's Guide to Navigating the Sundance Film Festival (Sept 24)Going to the Sundance Film Festival for the first time can be overwhelming. How would you like to be fully prepared before stepping foot in Park City, Utah? 
In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, film critic, festival connoisseur and festival screener Chase Whale will give you the low down on every angle of the Sundance film festival and how to prepare if you’re going for the first time. 
Chase has been attending Sundance for nearly a decade. He was even on the Sundance film screening committee, giving him an insider’s look into one the industry’s most prestigious festivals. He’s attended long enough to know exactly how to navigate the festival.

When he’s there, he watches six films a day, knows the pros and cons in front of and behind the scenes. In this Stage 32 webinar, Chase will let you know how best to prepare for the festival, what to bring, and best practices when you arrive.You’ll be way ahead of the curve and ready to conquer this festival by the end of this webinar. For the complete list of topics you will explore, click here 


Stage 32 Short Film Script Contest

Stage 32 has partnered with St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission to turn your short screenplay into a produced short film that will screen at 3 festivals. The amazing team at St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission are providing a $20,000 production grant to one lucky winner who will have the opportunity of a lifetime! The winning writer and director will be flown to Florida, cast & crew the film using Stage 32, be mentored on set by Sundance director JT Mollner and have the entire production professionally managed by production company Digital Caviar.

Short film content is on the rise and is steadily and successfully being used as a calling card, or as the insiders call it “proof of concept”, into the industry every day. Stage 32 has a proven track record of providing guidance, resources, opportunities and educating new voices. With this new contest offering, Stage 32 is guaranteeing a professionally produced short film that’ll be film festival ready and most importantly, that you’ll be proud of.

The Short Film Script Contest is your next ticket to success! Click here to register now!


September 16th - Michael Flavin Director of Development, Supergravity Pictures - Specializes in genre and comedy features.

September 17th · Agustine Calderon Development Executive, RatPac Entertainment -  Specializes in action, comedy, horror, sci-fi and thriller features & TV pilots.

September 18th - Rick BitzelbergerDevelopment Executive, Informant Media Specializes in drama, comedy and thriller features.







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Pay It Forward: Another Stage 32 Film Premiering This Week
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