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Full slate of content this week including all the industry news out of TIFF you can handle. 

Incredibly busy around the network as well. The Lounge reached a new high in contributions last week – big ups to all those participating. We announced a cool partnership with Screencraft (read more here). 3 Stage 32 composers have created some incredible software and are now looking to spotlight some Stage 32 filmmakers (read about it here). And we announced the next edition of On Stage With RB (read more and register here)

Of course, we have all the latest happenings around the platform under STAGE 32 NEWS.

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Hope you guys have a creative and fun weekend!

Enjoy the content!




The '30 Minutes With...' Series - Exclusive To Stage 32 Members! - Hello friends and fellow creatives! Erik here from the Stage 32 Happy Writers. One of the best parts of my job is that I get so much face time with executives across the industry. I get to watch as writers around the world pitch to them every week, I get to hear their thoughts, their first reactions and read the feedback they send in for each and every pitch. I'm in an extremely lucky position to be able to ask these executives questions about pitching and what they're seeing in the industry, and I want to extend this very same opportunity to each and every one of you! I'm going to do just that by kicking off our Fall 2016 "30 Minutes With..." Series starting this Friday. Click here to get all the info on this all-access pass!

On Stage With 'RB' (September 2016) Announced! It's that time again! Time for the September 2016 edition of On Stage with 'RB'Every month our Founder & CEO, RB, brings on special guests who work in the industry, such as filmmakers and executives to offer advice to our community in an online webinar. Plus, he discusses the best way to use Stage 32 to help your career. Afterwards, he opens up the floor to you for a live 90 minute Q&A session about anything and everything in the industry. Best of all, this is FREE, exclusively for Stage 32 members... and it certainly is educational and entertaining! Guests will be announced soon! Click here to register now!

Stage 32 + ScreenCraft - 3 Screenwriting Events in 3 Cities! Stage 32 has been a featured company at the Austin Film Festival the last 4 years hosting a variety of panels, parties and meetups. This year, we're back again and we're very pleased to announce we're hooking up with ScreenCraft to not only host another huge screenwriting event at AFF, but also 2 more bi-coastal screenwriting meetups in New York and Los Angeles. On Monday, September 26th, ALL screenwriters in the New York and Los Angeles areas are welcome to join us for pre-AFF 2016 Stage 32/ScreenCraft Meetups in those respective cities! Two of the most respected companies dedicated and devoted to seeing screenwriters succeed in the marketplace coming together to celebrate our dedicated and talented writers. Doesn't get better than that! Click here for more details. 


An Expert's Guide to Navigating the Sundance Film Festival (Sept 24) - Going to the Sundance Film Festival for the first time can be overwhelming. How would you like to be fully prepared before stepping foot in Park City, Utah?
In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, film critic, festival connoisseur and festival screener Chase Whale will give you the low down on every angle of the Sundance film festival and how to prepare if you’re going for the first time.
Chase has been attending Sundance for nearly a decade. He was even on the Sundance film screening committee, giving him an insider’s look into one the industry’s most prestigious festivals. He’s attended long enough to know exactly how to navigate the festival.

When he’s there, he watches six films a day, knows the pros and cons in front of and behind the scenes. In this Stage 32 webinar, Chase will let you know how best to prepare for the festival, what to bring, and best practices when you arrive.You’ll be way ahead of the curve and ready to conquer this festival by the end of this webinar. For the complete list of topics you will explore, click here!

How to Market Yourself to an Acting Talent Manager - (Sept 29) In this exclusive Stage 32 Next Level Webinar you will learn from 14-year talent manager, Joe Lorenzo the best strategies to obtain representation as an actor, whether you are in New York, LA or outside of a major market. Joe Lorenzo started his career in NYC, where he worked in a Management Development firm. Joe cultivated some of today’s hottest young actors, and writers. In September 2002, Joe moved to Los Angeles, for a position in a Talent Management Company. He will cover how to market yourself to a talent manager, inquire about a meeting with a talent manager, and how to make your materials and subsequent pitch to a talent manager attractive to better your chances of a response and meeting. Joe will even give a breakdown of what a talent manager does so you'll know what to expect from the relationship and he'll let you know at what point you need to pursue getting one. Click here to review the details of what you will learn and register now!

Short Film Master Class - Learn To Take Your Idea From Concept To Post-Production (on demand) Every successful filmmaker has, at some point in their career, written, directed, and/or produced a short film. For filmmakers who are just starting out, a short film is the best calling card to showcase their unique talent and vision. It is important to remember that short filmmaking is different from feature filmmaking, with challenges unique to the process. Even so, producing a short film may seem daunting, but there are several key secrets to getting the most out of your project.

This intensive 5-week course will give students the tools and techniques necessary to produce a world class short film. Each week will be dedicated to a different aspect of the short filmmaking process, including, concept development and writing of your short, budgeting and scheduling, understanding and drafting production agreements, pro-tips on directing actors, and how to get the most out of the post production process. You are strongly encouraged to come with ideas for a short film, which will be developed over the course of the 5 weeks, so by the conclusion of the class, you should have a screenplay ready for production! Click here to register for this informative class!


Pitch Opportunities

David HurstScripted Development, Lincoln Square Productions - ABC Saturday, September 24th  Specializes in drama, biopic, and thriller TV pilots.

Christian ArmogidaProducer/Owner, Nightshade Entertainment - Saturday, September 24th  Specializes in horror and thriller features.

Rachel CrouchDevelopment Coordinator, Cold Iron Pictures - Sunday, September 25th · Specializes in all genres of features.

Mark FinleyManager/Owner, Metric Talent & Literary Management - Sunday, September 25th · Specializes in comedy and drama features.

Amanda LorberDevelopment, TBS Original Programming Wednesday, September 28th · Specializes in comedy TV pilots.

Andrew Kelleher TV Literary Department, The Gersh Agency Wednesday, September 28th - Specializes in 1-hour TV pilots.







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