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 Welcome to the weekend, everyone.

Another packed edition of the Weekend Blog. Let’s jump in.

Under ENTERTAINMENT NEWS this week, another small indie steals the show at a major festival plus some questions now that the big festivals have completed; Netflix knows exactly when you get hooked on a show; a plethora of Emmy articles; sales and producing info from Bill Strauss; Andrew Ranells offers some advice to young actors; more on the Relativity bankruptcy proceedings; a look at why Hollywood retreads are getting sale; a new Goodfellas suit arises; Sundance announces their new episodic story lab; WGA election results have been announced; a look at the dearth of female cinematographers; a guide to the upcoming Oscar season films; why you may not be able to use Happy Birthday in your next film and much, much more.

In the VIDEOS section, a look at how to flex your creative muscles along with the trailers for Truth and The Walk.

Under TIPS, do’s and don’ts for submitting to Sundance, pitching advice, plus some screenwriting, cinematography and acting info.

All sorts of happenings around the community. We have a Stage 32 Meetup this Monday in London during the Raindance Film Festival. You can see all the other get-togethers under STAGE 32 MEETUPS.

Another terrific week in the Lounge as well. Thanks to all who posted such great content, started threads and simply commented. We pulled some of the best posts under POPULAR AND INTERESTING LOUNGE DISCUSSIONS.

We have some amazing instructors on tap over the next few weeks. You can see what webinars and classes are coming up under STAGE 32 EDUCATION.

We’ve been quite inspired by how many of our members have recently used Stage 32 to their benefit. You can find the latest and greatest tales under STAGE 32 SUCCESS STORIES.

And finally, we’ll get you caught up on everything else happening around the site under STAGE 32 NEWS.

I’m looking forward to meeting many of you in London this coming week and, of course, to screening our winning films at the Raindance Film Festival. To everyone else, I hope you enjoy all the content and look forward to reading your thoughts and remarks in the Comments section below.

Have a fabulous and creative weekend!




Stage 32 is headed to Raindance! As you're now aware, Stage 32 has partnered with the 23rd Annual Raindance Film Festival to bring an impressive lineup of filmmaking talent to London. Over the course of the festival, Stage 32 will be presenting a crowdsourcing panel, a Stage 32 meetup, a cocktail party and a heavily anticipated Stage 32 Short Film program. To see the full list of events, click here: A Full Week of Stage 32 Events at Raindance


The winners of the 1st Annual Short Film Contest have been covered by leading indiefilm industry site, Indiewire! The article provides comprehensive coverage not only of our filmmakers, but all the other Stage 32 events and happenings coming up at the Raindance Film Festival. We would be most grateful if you would leave some positive comments in the Comments section of the Indiewire article. Thank you in advance! To see the article, click here: Indiewire Highlights Stage 32 Filmmakers


We are extremely proud to announce that for the second straight year Stage 32 has been named as one of MovieMaker magazine’s 25 Indie-Friendly Companies You Should Know. This year we’re sharing space with such prestigious companies as Amazon, Blackmagic, Film Freeway, Glidecam and Moondog Labs to name a few. To see the list of all 25 Indie-friendly companies, click here: MovieMaker Magazine's 25 Indie-Friendly Companies You Should Know


Our 4 year anniversary month celebration continues! Last week, we asked you to send in your 4 Year Anniversary photos and videos. So far the response has been beyond incredible and we're certainly feeling the love. The best photo or video that is sent in to celebrate Stage 32's 4 Year Anniversary will receive a Stage 32 On-Set Essentials Kit, so make sure to send in your photos if you haven't already! If you haven't sent in your videos yet, do so here: Stage 32 4 Year Anniversary Photos and Videos


Many of you have asked where you could get Stage 32 gear, and, by popular demand, we are excited to bring you the new Stage 32 store! We have over a dozen items for you to chose from including shirts, hats, totes, notebooks, coffee cups, water bottles and shot glasses (inspired by our fearless leader)! Whether you're heading to class, to the set, to the gym, or simply just lounging around, we have something for all! To see the range of products available, click here: Stage 32 Store



Wednesday 9/30 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents Navigating Voice Over Recording & Editing Software: Home Voice Over Studio 102 hosted by Dan Lenard, a 30+ year veteran of professional voice work, recognized industry expert, known as “The Home Studio Master”, who specializes in home voice over studio recording and Vice President of Technical Standards for the World-Voices Organization! Drawing from his 30 years in the voice over business and his expertise in home studio setup, Dan will show you all the necessary steps to creating professional recordings, including setting proper microphone levels, recording your audio, making sure its recorded properly, editing and using any processing or filters.
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • The different types of recording software and what is right for you.
  • How to set up your software with your computer.
  • How to set proper microphone levels.
  • How to understand what you are looking at as you record.
  • Common problems and troubleshooting.
  • How to edit your recordings.
  • Processing and understanding audio formats.

To read more about this webinar, see a video from Dan and to register, click here: Navigating Voice Over Recording & Editing Software: Home Voice Over Studio 102


Starting Tuesday 10/6 Stage 32 Next Level Classes is thrilled to bring you Carol Kravetz, a veteran Production Coordinator, most recently on shows such as Breaking Bad and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, to teach you a 4-week online Production Office Master Class: Be A Unique & Efficient Production CoordinatorUsing examples from her experience on Breaking Bad and other shows, Carol will provide you with her personal list of production office best practices and a fully comprehensive guide on how to be prepared to prepare, prepared to shoot and prepared to wrap. With interactive lectures and homework assignments directly geared toward making you a stronger and more competent Production Coordinator, you will leave this class with a comprehensive understanding of how to run an effective production office and be a valuable asset to any production you become a part of!
You will leave this class knowing:

  • The various tasks you will be expected to perform and how to execute them with precision.
  • How to recognize each document you will need in a mound of paperwork.
  • How to transition the office from pre-production to shoot to wrap.
  • How everything is paid for.
  • How to facilitate rentals and purchases for on-set departments.
  • The common pitfalls and traps that happen during production so you can avoid them.
  • Networking, resume and follow up tips to help you find work and keep working past the wrap party.

To read more about this exciting master class, see a video from Carol and to register, click here: Production Office Master Class: Be A Unique & Efficient Production Coordinator


Tuesday 10/6 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents How You Film's Rating Affects Distribution: What Indie Filmmakers Need To Know hosted by Barry Freeman, former 10-year MPAA board member who has rated over 8,000 films! Many filmmakers think they don't need to worry about their film's rating only to later fall victim to wasted time and money needing to adjust the rating to meet distributors' preferences. In this webinar Barry will explain how the ratings system affects you as a screenwriter, producer or director. You’ll learn how each of the ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17) has box office implications and Barry will talk about each of the ratings elements – language, sexual content, violence, theme and smoking – and provide examples of how they can affect a ratings category. He’ll take you through the process of submitting a film to the MPAA and your options all of the way through to acceptance of the ratings certificate.
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • The 5 film ratings and their financial implications
  • Descriptors – the modifiers that accompany the ratings
  • What to be aware of (depending on your title)
  • A recent example of film submission, editing and acceptance
  • Pitfalls for filmmakers – time, expense, content loss and aggravation
  • A few words on International film ratings

To read more about this webinar, see a video from Barry and to register, click here: How Your Film's Rating Affects Distribution: What Indie Filmmakers Need To Know


Saturday 10/10 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents Writing Horror to Scare Up the Big Bucks: Tips & Tricks For Writing Commercial Horror Features hosted by Scott Stoops, a manger at Benderspink who recently sold a pilot to CBS! In this webinar, Scott will teach you what makes a horror film successful, from developing a marketable and commercial plot, to unique and scary set pieces, to properly structuring and formatting your script to tell the best story possible. You will learn high-level story concepts, tips and tricks to help make your horror script scary and effective, and get an insider perspective on what concepts and types of horror films are currently selling in the marketplace.
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • What makes horror films effective, both in terms of storytelling and in the marketplace.
  • Case studies of successful past films, current films, and predictions for successful future films.
  • Tips and tricks to make your story more grounded and relatable to a wide audience, even when your story is “out there”.
  • What beats a writer needs to hit to deliver.
  • How to make your script as scary as possible.
  • How to employ the classic horror ‘formula’ to make your script as streamlined and effective as possible.
  • How to develop your characters to add to the mood, tone and drama of the script.

To read more about this webinar, see a video from Scott and to register, click here: Writing Horror to Scare Up the Big Bucks: Tips & Tricks For Writing Commercial Horror Features


Monday 10/12 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents Improving The Actor-Director Relationship: The Art Of Give And Take hosted by Paul Barry, a top Los Angeles-based Australian acting coach with 20 years of worldwide audition, memorization, and on-screen teaching experience (current and former clients are represented by WME, CAA, Paradigm, and UTA, and have secured work with CBS, NBC, ABC, Netflix, Starz, Disney and many others)! This webinar is essential for both actors and directors, and you will leave understanding how to create a clearer, stronger form of communication on set that will allow you to elevate the performance every time. Paul will teach you 3 very specific techniques that will eradicate the guesswork when it comes to the communication process between actors and directors.
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • Habits vs. Choices: the important difference.
  • A common language for actors and directors, regardless of prior technique.
  • Counter-Intuition and why it's essential for on-screen work.
  • How to translate generalized direction into specific actions.
  • Using generalized praise and specific criticism to get desired results.
  • The fundamental differences between physical, vocal, emotional and psychological issues actors face.
  • Confidence building tools.

To read more about this webinar, see a video from Paul and to register, click here: Improving The Actor-Director Relationship: The Art Of Give And Take














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