Remembering Robin Williams

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Remembering Robin Williams

There’s been much written regarding the passing of Robin Williams this week. As is always the case when someone takes their life, the search for understanding and the need for rectification dominate. But when the life in question is a celebrity of Williams' caliber, one who spent the better part of four decades making us laugh, one who through his art made us feel connected to his very being, the search and need for answers is only shadowed by the dull ache in our hearts.

We live in a time where hyperbole is expended on the average. Everyone is amazing or brilliant or a genius (Shakespeare was a genius. The dude on YouTube reciting Mark Anthony’s funeral speech from Julius Caesar while juggling 7 bowling pins is not). But at one point this week I heard Williams referred to as a “singular talent”. That’s completely accurate and not the least bit overstated. Like Carlin, Kaufman, Pryor and Bruce, Williams owned his own mantle. Like those other brilliant (again apt) comedians and artists, no one could “do” Williams, but Williams. This was equally true of Williams, the dramatic actor.

I’ll never forget sitting in the theater watching Good Will Hunting. Going in, I knew little about the film except that two hotshot kids from Boston had written the script. What I do remember was that Williams’ last movie, the Francis Ford Coppola directed Jack, was one of the most derided of the decade. Coppola took some jabs, but it was Williams who took the uppercuts. He was labeled as “done”, his shtick “old” and “overwrought”. I even remember one article which referred to him as a “one trick pony”, if you can believe that. Many believed he’d never headline a film again.

As the Gus Van Sant directed Hunting unspooled, I remember being taken in by Damon’s magnetism. That is until Williams appeared. Robin had done serious before in Moscow on the Hudson, Awakenings and Dead Poets Society, but there was something different here. Hidden behind that beard, his shoulders hunched and burdened with the weight of his character’s loss, the ever-present twinkle in his eyes glossed and dulled, the melancholy in his delivery; this was new. It was exhilarating. It was captivating. In retrospect, particularly through the lens of what we now know regarding the extent of Williams’ courageous lifelong battle with depression and addiction, one can only imagine how hard all the criticism from Jack hit him and if it informed his beautifully nuanced performance in Hunting.

For many, Williams’ Hunting performance stands as the pinnacle. Many others, I’m sure, would cite Poets, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning, Vietnam or perhaps even Aladdin. But to me, there’s one Williams performance that perfectly blended his comedic and dramatic sensibilities and stands above all others, his portrayal of Armand Goldman in The Birdcage.

Slotted in the mix of a dream team ensemble cast, but mostly playing off Nathan Lane’s histrionic and manic, Albert Goldman, Williams shines. In an unsettling (at first) reversal, it’s Lane that chews the scenery while Williams stands to the side and reacts in type. Williams could have chosen to play this role with more, let’s say, flamboyance. To the contrary, he dials things down, which allows Lane’s performance to breathe instead of suffocate. As an exhibit to the “singular artist” defense, I present this question: Could Lane and Williams reversed roles and maintained the same dynamic chemistry? Lane as Armand? I have my doubts. Williams as Albert? Not a moment’s doubt.

It’s an eminently rewatchable (a word created by movie fans) role and one, as an actor, I take something different away from every time. That’s the gift of great art. A gift I’ll cherish.

No one will ever understand the pain Robin Williams was suffering through when he made his fateful decision. I’ve seen way too many people this week mechanically declare that “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem” as casually as if the subject at hand was about applying Band-Aid over a gaping wound. When it comes to a life, particularly one in pain, blanket statements never apply and questions always outweigh answers.

That’s why I choose not to speculate, but to celebrate. Below, I’ve listed a dozen articles – remembrances, performances – celebrating Robin Williams’ life.   I hope you find them enjoyable and insightful. I hope they make you laugh, cry, feel. And I invite you all to share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Thanks for everything, Robin.






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