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Good morning Stage 32 family! Welcome to another Monday of what I hope will be a creative and productive week for everyone. We’ve come to the end of September which means that Fall is officially upon us and we are in the last quarter of the year!

So far, it has been an amazing year with so many successes for us all to celebrate. And we’ve had an awesome summer capped off by a fantastic month of September. In the first week of September, I was fortunate to host a Stage 32 meetup for LA-based screenwriters and filmmakers. It was fantastic to see so many creative and talented people come together to connect. I am pleased to report there are already a few new collaborations that came out of the event. In fact, the meetup was so successful, we are heading back to The Phoenix in Los Angeles for another round! Please join us this Thursday, October 3rd at 6pm for our next Stage 32 meetup for LA-based creatives. As always, the event is free and everyone in attendance who registers will receive a free give from Stage 32! You can RSVP by clicking here. I love meeting writers so please come find me during the event and say hello! (And if you are not in LA and want to fly in for the event, I will personally buy you your first drink. Now, that’s a pretty good deal.)

Speaking of a mass of creative folks all in one place, Stage 32 was proud to be a part of the 2019 Raindance Film Festival in the UK last week. The Stage 32 Founder & CEO, Richard Botto and Managing Director Amanda Toney were in London to host the 4th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Program and after-party as part of the festival. Judged and curated by Academy Award-winning short film filmmakers, the Stage32 screening featured filmmakers from Canada, USA, France and Turkey, who were in attendance for a Q&A with Stage 32's CEO Richard Botto. RB was joined by the Grand Prize winner, director of Tell Him, Virginia Bach and director of Sojurn, Jon Lewis. Our sincere thanks to Raindance founder Elliot Grove and congratulations to everyone who was a part of this phenomenal event!


Screenwriters Lets Finish the Year Strong Together

Raindance founder Elliot Grove (L) with Stage 32 Managing Director Amanda Toney and CEO Richard "RB" Botto


Stateside, there were plenty of September success stories as well! The Quarter Finalists for our 5th Annual Feature Screenplay Contest were announced on Friday, September 27th. You can see the full list of Quarter Finalists here.

Beyond that, several of our screenwriters were connected with industry executives through pitch sessions, consultation calls, and coverage orders. Producer Tiegen Kosiak requested an introduction to CJ Madison, after completing premium coverage on CJ’s project, Christmas Ball. Executive Taylor Bakken requested an introduciton to Michael Lederer after completing Premium Coverage on his project, Saving America. Austis Harris of ABC’s Lincoln Square Productions - who just began working with Stage 32 in September - requested introductions to Douglas A. Raine for the project, A Massacre of Innocence and Kyle R. Thomas for the project, The First Debate. Sarah J. Cornelius of Whitewater Films requested introductions to Adam Williams for his project, Princess-Warrior-Pirate, Jesse Harris for the project, Borrego, and Ben Escobar for his project, You Make Me Feel.

Roberto Larios of Verve requested an introduction to Rolando Gomez for his project, 12 Dead Men, after connecting during a pitch session. Producer Jason Piette of Disrupting Influence requested to meet Emily Aspland after hearing her pitch, as well as Nola Basey after hearing the pitch for, The Lover of Lizzie Burton. Producer Nicholas Bogner also requested an introduction with Emily Aspland after requesting her project, Forty Elephants. Producer F. Miguel Valenti requested an introduction to Phil Olson after hearing the pitch for, A Mother's Christmas Gift. Producer Cody Lyons of The Octoberists requested an introduction to Tina Fine for Off Girl and Ryan Gilmore for Forget Christmas.

And finally, Tiffany Boyle the President of Packaging at Ramo Law requested material from Marc Aronoff, David D. Begley, David N. Donihue, Joseph J. Zielinksi, Jimmie Pelyhes, Svetlana Koseniv, and Jerry Robbins. You may remember that Tiffany also worked with Stage 32 writer Teng Ky-Gan of of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia secure an option for his project, Swept Away.

Please join me in congratulating all of these Stage 32 writers and filmmakers!

As we close out the month of September and enter into the final quarter of the year, I want us to check in with ourselves to remember the creative goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.

Ask yourself, are you on track to meet your goals for 2019? Are you behind? What can you be doing to stay on track - or get back on track?

We all need a little push now and then to keep moving. This is the time to reach out and let your peers know where you are strong - and where you are struggling - to get some guidance.

Comment below and let us know what are you working on right now. What are you hoping to accomplish the rest of the way? Where could you use some encouragement? And what thoughts can you offer to your fellow creatives. Let's motivate one another to hit our goals!

Do the work!

Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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