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Hello friends and fellow creatives!

Allen here with Stage 32 Happy Writers. We haven’t delivered you all a progress report in a hot minute, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share the amazing successes you all have had since February!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Stage 32 Happy Writers offers script consulting and coverage, pitch sessions, and mentorships with some of the top managers, agents, producers and development executives around the world. ALL of our premium services are completed for feedback and consideration. That means anytime you submit or pitch your script to one of the Execs we bring in, they will evaluate it for feedback and consideration.

We don’t just talk a big game, we deliver on it. Since February we’ve had over 100 requests for script reads leading to 24 meetings, including 2 directly from our coverage services. These writers met with 11 different management, agency, finance and production companies and entertainment law firms including:

  • Whitewater Films
  • DMG Entertainment
  • Circle of Confusion
  • Epicenter Management
  • FX Networks
  • Higher Purpose Entertainment
  • Hertzberg Media
  • Ramo Law PC
  • Thinkfactory Media
  • Big Beach Films
  • RatPac Entertainment

And it’s not just local writers breaking in. We’ve seen writers from all over the U.S. and international writers from locations as far as London, Malaysia and Australia. The script genres are just as diverse with scripts from nearly every genre represented, including drama, sci-fi, disaster, horror and more!

But screenwriting isn’t always about requests and meetings. Sometimes, it’s about improving your craft. Our execs are always stoked to hear how they’ve helped our writers improve and we’ve had some great feedback this quarter!

“My script consulting call with Sarah J Cornelius was another winner! She's precise, with an impressive attention to detail, friendly (important!), and has a heightened sense of formatting. All this would mean nothing if she wasn't very articulate too. I feel she improved my screenplay tenfold, if not a hundredfold!”

Don’t be afraid to share your success stories with us. We’re always excited to see you all grow as creatives and land awesome meetings with proven execs from veteran production companies. Never forget that you totally rock! We certainly won’t.

Join us in congratulating your fellow creatives below!


Stage 32 Happy Writers Progress Report  Success Stories

About Allen James Roughton

Allen James Roughton is a screenwriter, reader and development researcher who has consulted on over 100 projects, scripts, books, comics and films and conducted research on life stories, exposés, professions and locations for major production companies. Allen also has a heart for non-profit organizations and has produced promotional videos for the Big Citizen Hub and Healthy Jurupa.


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