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I love writers. I love that they can weave fables and art using only their words and imagination. From concept to outline to the first of many drafts, you create stories that drive our emotions. Your words incite that instinctive reaction to love, loss, or the pride that comes with your protagonist’s hard-fought victory over his inner demons.


Writing can also be a mysterious process. A writer’s mind is always racing. “Is my process the right one?”, “I just got rejected again, maybe I’m in the wrong business.”, “I have a meeting with an agent! How the heck am I going to impress them? I’m a writer. I like being by myself in a room writing!”, “I have no time to write. I’m busy with my day job/family/friends/etc!”.


To be a successful writer you have to think about this as a career. You have to be proactive and continuously pull yourself out from the deafening weight of rejection and negativity. You have to keep moving forward; you have to stop making excuses.


In this video series we are going to spotlight Stage 32 Happy Writers success stories so you can see the benefits of using our site to it's full extent. In these exclusive interviews our most successful writers will detail their individual process and how they used what's availability on Stage 32 to help advance their careers.


I interviewed a few writers that I’ve gotten close with over the past year and who saw some amazing success. I wanted to know more about their screenwriting process, how they deal with rejection, how they mastered the art of the general meeting and what they did to see success in 2015. I found the constant between them all was that they kept moving forward. They were their biggest champions and didn’t let rejection stop them. 


I hope you enjoy these interviews and get inspired by your writing peers. They didn’t have a spell or magic wand that guaranteed their success. It was their tenacity, passion, talent and professionalism that got them where they are today. We all have the potential, but it’s up to each of us to put in the effort and strive to be the success we want to be.




Stage 32 Success Spotlight: Frank Ponce


His Story: Frank won our 1st Annual Search for New Blood Contest. He has since signed to 3 Arts Entertainment and has a shopping agreement with Atlas Entertainment (The Dark Knight, American Hustle).



Frank is available for any comments or questions you have in the comment section below. Congratulations Frank!


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