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Thanks to everybody that read our last Success Story Blog as part of our Stage 32 Happy Writers Success Stories Video Series featuring Frank Ponce! In this video series we are spotlighting Stage 32 Happy Writers success stories so you can see the benefits of using Stage 32 to it's full extent. In these exclusive interviews our most successful writers will detail their individual process and how they used what's availabile on Stage 32 to help advance their careers. Today we are featuring Scott Waldvogel (and his writing partner Matt DeMartini), who were just signed to Gotham Group and APA!


Stage 32 Success Spotlight: Scott Waldvogel


Scott's Story: Scott (and his writing partner Matt DeMartini) were finalists in our Stage 32 Happy Writers TV Contest last year. After sending their script around with Stage 32's recommendation, Scott and Matt were signed to Gotham Group and APA! Today he brings you his story!

Fun Fact: Years ago when I was reading for a screenwriting contest, one of Scott and Matt's scripts came across my desk and I was enamored with their writing. After they placed in Stage 32's contest I met with them and I realized that they were the writers of the script I fell in love with years ago (a different script they submitted to this contest). The message? You never know who is reading your material and when you will meet that person. It's a small industry!!

**please note there are some moments of audio feedback in this interview**


In the past month Stage 32 Happy Writers members garnered 11 success stories, including writers getting signed to places like APA, 3 Arts Entertainment and Gotham Group, one writer signing an exclusive shopping agreement with an A-list production company, and one writer selling a TV series to WeTV (full blog coming soon!).

I hope you enjoy these interviews and get inspired by your writing peers. They didn’t have a spell or magic wand that guaranteed their success. It was their tenacity, passion, talent and professionalism that got them where they are today. We all have the potential, but it’s up to each of us to put in the effort and strive to be the success we want to be. I found the constant between them all was that they kept moving forward. They were their biggest champions and didn’t let rejection stop them. 

Scott is available for any comments or questions you have in the comment section below. Congratulations Scott!


Remember, today is the final deadline for the Stage 32 Annual Comedy Writing Contest - to enter, click here!


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