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It's been a remarkable year here at Stage 32. From expanding our relationships with such organizations and companies as Cannes, the American Film Market, Raindance, Gidden Media, AT&T and many more to our ever growing list of Stage 32 member success stories, the first 8 months of 2019 has proven to be our most inspirational yet.

And now we have yet another announcement...
In an effort to bring the incredible talent of the Caribbean to a global audience, the Trinidad and Tobago Film Commission has brought us on board to host a 4 day film conference, The Business of Film. We're bringing over a dozen of our favorite executives who work directly with Stage 32 down to Trinidad to share their expertise in filmmaking, screenwriting, film production, film finance, film law and a variety of other film and television related topics.
Just some of the people who will be teaching and mentoring at the conference are from Zero Gravity, WME, Element CPA, Writ Large and yours truly.
We couldn't be more honored to be invited to bring this 4-day educational film and television spectacular to Trinidad and Tobago and look forward to shining a light to all the creatives in attendance. Huge shoutout to Stage 32's Managing Director and Head of Education, Amanda Toney for putting the entire program together!
And we're not done with 2019 yet. We'll be announcing some more high profile partnerships in the weeks and months ahead.

The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (FilmTT) is hosting a Business of Film Workshop, together with training partner Stage 32, from Thursday, September 5 – Sunday, September 8 2019. The workshop aims to bridge the gap for working professionals who are interested in continuing to improve their production skills (“both above the line” and “below the line”), focusing on critical positions where there are currently gaps in expertise.

If you live in the Caribbean area Register Here!

The Business of Film Workshop aims to:

  • Fill a critical need for affordable, accessible, real-world training for audio-visual production professionals in Trinidad and Tobago, both above the line (directors, producers, writers) and below the line (production crew), and for key non-creative positions (lawyers and accountants).
  • Introduce Stage 32 to Trinidad and Tobago audio-visual production stakeholders in a meaningful way, thereby increasing stakeholders future access to training and potential job opportunities through the platform.


We're excited to bring in our top Stage 32 educators to the region:

  • Richard Botto - Stage 32
  • Amanda Toney - Stage 32
  • Christopher Lockhart - WME
  • Erik Williams - Zero Gravity
  • Aimee Schoof - Producer
  • Sara Elizabeth Timmins - Producer
  • Thomas A. Crowell, Esq.
  • Kristy Clabaugh - Element CPA
  • John Thomas - Element CPA
  • Liz Hinlein - Director
  • Bash Naran - Writ Large


Stage 32 Joins Forces with Trinidad and Tobago Film Company

About FilmTT

The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company Limited (FilmTT) is the state agency established in 2006 to facilitate the growth and development of the film and audio-visual sector in Trinidad & Tobago. As a subsidiary of the Trinidad and Tobago Creative Industries Company Limited, FilmTT works on all aspects of film sector development, promotes Trinidad & Tobago as a film production location, and provides Film Commission services to local and incoming productions. FilmTT’s mission is to maximise the economic and creative potential of Trinidad and Tobago’s screen industries for the benefit of the country and its people.

FilmTT, along with MusicTT and FashionTT, are sub-companies of CreativeTT; collectively, the group reports to the Ministry of Trade and Industry and is charged with the sustainable development of the creative sector in Trinidad & Tobago.

As the country’s Film Commission, FilmTT promotes Trinidad & Tobago as a location to attract productions to shoot there and provides services to local and international producers. These are the services that FilmTT offers:

  • Arrange for smooth entry of equipment, cast and crew into the country for all productions.
  • Connect international producers to local production companies to set up production logistics on the ground on their behalf.
  • Provide production support services to local producers, including endorsement letters.
  • Increase overall ease for productions by building a network of agencies in Trinidad and Tobago committed to making the country more “film-friendly”.
  • Manage production incentives, primarily the Production Expenditure Rebate Programme, which offers up to 35% cashback on services, and 20% cashback for hiring local labour.
  • Champion the film industry’s potential to diversify the economy and contribute to GDP to Government, investors, service suppliers, local and international partner agencies, and industry stakeholders.

Stage 32 Joins Forces with Trinidad and Tobago Film Company


About Stage 32

Founded in 2011, Stage 32 is a global social network and educational site for creative professionals who work in film, television and digital. Stage 32 links professionals in the entertainment industry, including directors, writers, actors and entertainment staff. It caters to film industry professionals with featured bloggers, online education taught by industry executives, news from Hollywood and filming locations around the world, Stage 32 meet-ups, an online lounge and a jobs page that allows members to connect with others on film ventures, along with standard social media functions. is the largest such online platform, with over 500,000 members worldwide and over 1,200 hours of education available taught by seasoned industry professionals.

Through the Business of Film Workshop, Stage 32 is excited to introduce its low-cost, real-world, practical online training to T&T and Caribbean audio-visual professionals, with access to training content long after this workshop ends. Stage 32 also offers potential employment and networking opportunities for members.




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