Stage 32 Turns 3 Next Month - Come Celebrate With Us!

Posted by Stage 32 Staff - Julie

***UPDATE*** Stage 32 3 Year Anniversary Meetups Already Forming:

Tucson, AZ: click here

Victoria, BC: click here

Atlanta, GA: click here

Tallahassee, FL: click here

Charlotte, NC: click here

Inland Empire/SB Mountains, CA: click here

LA South Bay, CA: click here

London, UK: click here for now, maybe a new thread starting soon

Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI: click here

San Francisco, CA: click here

September will mark 3 years since Stage 32 launched and RB invited 100 of his closest industry friends to hop with him “on Stage”. Now, here we are with over 325,000 members “on Stage” from every single country in the world. Talk about amazing!

Now, we are turning 3, and we want to celebrate with you all.

How do we do that?

Through Stage 32 Meetups of course! In honor of all the Stage 32 community has accomplished and to exhibit our global reach, we are asking you to organize a Stage 32 meetup in your area between now and September 20th.  This can be accomplished by posting in the Stage 32 Meetup section of the Lounge.  Set one up here

But, why?

At your Stage 32 Meetup, we’d like to have everyone take photos of their group holding up a Stage 32 sign that says where you are from (city, state, country, etc.) and send them to us, along with a little bit about who you are and what you do as a creative…. then, you’ll come celebrate with us!

What do you mean “come celebrate with you”?

We are going to be hosting a Stage 32 3-year anniversary bash in Los Angeles at the end of September.  At the event, we'll showcase your photos so you can be at the party with us, too!

Plus, we will be live streaming the party.  So even if you don’t live in LA, you can be part of the celebration! (For those of you in LA, stay tuned for more details about the party.)

How cool is that?

Pretty freakin' cool!

What if I can't attend a Stage 32 Meetup?

We don't want to leave anyone out who can't attend a Stage 32 meetup, so if you want to send in a solo shot, please do! Email them to our Community Manager:



Take it to the streets and organize a Stage 32 meetup in your area, meet your fellow Stage 32 creatives in person, all while celebrating our 3-year anniversary! And, while you're at it, maximize your networking, form a creative support group, or get inspired to launch projects with the people you meet. Click here to see some of our other recent meetups.

Tips on how you can plan a successful Stage 32 Meetup:

First and foremost, check the Stage 32 Meetup section in the lounge to make sure that there isn't already a Meetup happening in your area.  If there isn't, post away!

The best advice is to pick a meeting place (like a coffee shop or a restaurant or a bar), set the date and time and go from there. If you leave your original post open asking people what day/time works for them and adjusting to people's schedules it will be impossible to nail down a date and time. So, have one person take the lead and set the time and place.

Many previous organizers of Stage 32 Meetups have called up the meeting place ahead of time to assure that there is enough room to accommodate a large group.  Some organizers have even finagled free or discounted drinks and food for bringing in such a large party!

Once everything is set, just add the information in the Stage 32 Meetup thread. You can actually edit your original post (top right corner of your thread) and type something like "Tallahassee, FL Stage 32 Meetup confirmed - 9/7 at 1pm at Marriott on 3rd Street or "London Meetup confirmed – 9/12 at 3pm Starbucks on Main." 

Then, on meetup day, we ask that you bring along a Stage 32 sign so everyone knows who you are when they walk in.  After that, just have fun and network!

We'll be watching the Stage 32 Meetup threads and chiming in with details of where to send your photos - we may even send some goodies your way!

We look forward to celebrating our 3 year anniversary with you!


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