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I have spent all of my life (and I mean all of it), striving for success. Even as I write this, I just wrapped a 5-day shoot of an original pilot I wrote, and am wading through the throes of post production, including a crowdfunding campaign to raise the cash I exhausted shooting it.

So basically, I'm broke.
Yet I feel so damn successful.

High level executives don't know about the project yet.
Yet I feel so damn successful.

My name isn't on the screen yet boasting - Written and Created by: Joleene Moody
Yet I feel so damn successful.

How can this be, when I'm not a millionaire, a household name, or BFF's with Aaron Sorkin?

It's because I gauge my success on reaching milestones that fill me.


Success Isnt About Money It Never Was

Last week I published a link called What Stage Are You at With Your Writing Career? Lots of you chimed in. One of you, despite your success with short films and published books, decided you weren't part of the "in crowd" because your work wasn't putting bread on the table. To which I said, "Money doesn't make you a professional. Talent and humility does. It's a big misnomer in our culture that I think needs to be deleted.

There are thousands of professionals out there who aren't recognized or making massive amounts of money. That doesn't make them a non-professional. It just means they're not making massive amounts of money. If we allow money to be the indicator, we will suffer for the rest of our lives. At least, that is my belief."

Today I encourage you to explore this mindset some more. You don't have to agree. But explore it all the same. It just might be the one thing you need to shift to keep yourself from giving up. Give a few of these links a read, and then offer us your own experience with success in the comments below.

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Success Isn't All About Money, it's About Your State of Mind

Four years ago, I published a post on my site that echoed the same sentiment. At the time, I was a business coach and public speaker. Re-reading today it was eye-opening. And shocking. I was writing scripts quietly, trying to unravel a career that I didn't want.

Read More Here:

Why Celebrity Status Doesn’t Equal Success



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