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Please join us in congratulating Stage 32 writer Lynne Logan who has now been hired to pen the upcoming film UNDONE, a faith-based genre biopic of televanglist Sherry Damron produced by Higher Purpose Entertainment. For those of you who have been following, Lynne was discovered through Stage 32 writing services when she submitted her script for coverage and was optioned by Higher Purpose Entertainment. We're thrilled to see this next step in Lynne's creative journey. 


To read the announcement on Deadline, click here


Success Story Success Story Biopic Announced on Deadline Made Through Stage 32 Connection 


And, a note from Lynne:

And the beat goes on ----- There's so much to say abut this journey. My main focus right now is to encourage you all. Please don't give up. Let me tell you this journey did not come easy or quick. My script A RELATIVE UNKNOWN was 4 years in the writing with lots of help along the way. Let me start by saying the ONLY help I reached out for was through Stage 32.

First, I took numerous classes for the past 10 years. I traveled to conferences and workshops to learn how to write a screenplay. This was before we had such great access to classes on line. Enter center stage -- Stage 32. I took numerous classes and sat in front of my computer taking copious notes.

Second, the only way I knew I had "maybe" a meaningful script was to get it out there and get professional feedback. Stage 32 provided an open door for professional notes. I contacted Danny Manus from NoBullscript and started the process of sharing my baby and bracing myself for feedback. I took every suggestion he gave me and it improved the script greatly. I left my ego out of it and honestly yearned for a professional critique.

Third, I learned from Stage 32 about screenplay competitions. I did LOTS of research and entered about ten in 2016. I came in several times as finalist, semi finalist, quarter finalists and several in the "top five winners". I got feedback from the judges and always took it seriously. In 2017, I have again placed in over ten competitions. Including quarterfinals in the PAGE and second round in Austin Film Festival.

Here's what I'm really saying: If you believe in your story, don't let anything stop you. And get professional feedback. You will be amazed how happy these guys/gals are to help you with your project. I am a firm believer in perserverece and determination. Writing your script cannot be a "hobby". If you say it's your passion - then make it your passion. It's hard to gain writing traction with a "once in a while" goal. Set your goal - know exactly where you want to be one year from now - three years from now. And never ever stop.

My encouragement to everyone -- Don't underestimate the power of Stage 32. There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of people behind the scenes that are ready and willing to help you on your journey. Top name producers, etc. A connection can be made in a heartbeat if you write a great story.

Thank you all again for your encouraging words.

- Lynne Logan



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