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Hi everyone, it's Joey Tuccio, President of the Stage 32 Happy Writers.

I love writers. I love seeing them grow, I love discovering talent and I love giving you access to our roster of over 300 executives. The reason why executives are coming to the Stage 32 Happy Writers to find talent is because they know they will find screenwriters and filmmakers that take the craft seriously and are primed and ready for the marketplace.

Education. Networking. Opportunity. Access. These are the 4 pillars that we at Stage 32 are always making sure are pumping through the veins of our community. This summer I want you to take the reins of your career.

While your competition is at the beach, this is your opportunity to come out ahead.


Introducing the "30 Minutes With..." Series

Imagine if you had 30 minutes with an executive, producer, manager or agent who's worked on your favorite film. Imagine if you could ask them anything you want. Well, now is your time! Stage 32 Happy Writers is thrilled to bring you our “30 Minutes With…” Series! We are peeling back the curtains and giving you all access to some of our executives through online webinars you can take from the comfort of your own home.

I will be hosting each webinar and for 30 minutes I will pick the brain of each executive to talk about all things screenwriting! Each webinar is interactive, so this is an opportunity for you to ask our executives anything you want. Blend your Pina Coladas and join our "30 Minutes With..." Series from anywhere in the world. I've put together something for every one of you - whether it's comedy, drama, spec scripts, televisions, horror or more, I've got it on the schedule.


Oh. Did I mention this is ABSOLUTELY FREE (!!!!).


Like all our webinars and classes, each “30 Minutes With…” Session is recorded so if you can’t make it live, you can still register now and we will send you a recording that you can watch at your convenience. Spots are limited for each webinar, so make sure you sign up soon!



Here is who is on tap for "30 Minutes With...":

(all times are Pacific Time/Los Angeles time)

Conquering Studio Level Scripts - Watch Here!

  • 30 Minutes With Jenna Block - Q&A With the VP of Escape Artists (Knowing, Equalizer)


How to Sell a Spec Script -Watch Here!

  • 30 Minutes With Scott Stoops - Q&A With a Manager from Benderspink (Top Management Company)


Utilizing Screenplay Notes to Beat the Competition- Watch Here!

  • 30 Minutes With Patrick Raymond - Q&A With the Creative Executive of Mandalay Pictures (Into The Blue, Horns)


Break Into the Industry Writing Contained Genre Films - Watch Here!

  • 30 Minutes With Lee Stobby - Q&A With founder of Lee Stobby Entertainment


Writing a Page Turner, Commercially Viable Horror - Watch Here!

  • 30 Minutes With Gabriel Chu - Q&A With the Creative Executive of Vertigo Entertainment (The Grudge, The Strangers)


Impress Executives with Your Golden Pitch- Watch Here! Password: joeyprep

  • Pitch Prep with Joey Tuccio- President of Stage 32 Happy Writers


Writing a 1 Hour TV Pilot that Will Get You Noticed- Watch Here!

  • 30 Minutes With Jairo Alvarado - Q&A With Manager from Circle of Confusion (Top Management Company)


How to Secure a Manager told by a Manager- Watch Here!

  • 30 Minutes With Mary Cybriwsky- Q&A With Manager from Scooty Woop (Boutique Management Company)


The Stage 32 Happy Writers Staff offers their biggest tips on how to control the room - Available Soon!

  • 30 Minutes With the Stage 32 Happy Writers Mediators


Screenplay Classes: Why Executives Can Sniff Out Inexperience a Mile Away- Watch Here!

  • 30 Minutes With Jake Detharidge- Q&A With Head of Development at 3311 Productions (In A World, Big Sur)


Writing a Laugh Out Loud, Unique Comedy - Watch Here!

  • 30 Minutes With Agustine Calderon- Q&A With the Creative Executive of RatPac Entertainment (Horrible Bosses)


8/17 at 6 PM -- How to Land on Hollywood’s Most Prestigious Screenwriting Lists - Watch Here!

  • 30 Minutes With Joe Russo - Q&A With Producer (Joe has developed a number of scripts with screenwriters that have landed on every major Screenwriting List).


I'm looking forward to having you in our "30 Minutes With..." Series!


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