The 4th Annual Search For New Blood Is On!

Posted by Amanda Toney

The most popular horror and thriller contest in the world is back! 8 of our contest finalists have been signed, optioned, placed in development or staffed!

If you have the next Annabelle:Creation, It Comes at Night, Split, Conjuring, Saw, 47 Meters Down, Kidnap, The Cabin in the Woods, Atomic Blonde, The Shallows or Get Out ready to be unleashed, you need to submit your script to our 4th Annual Search for New Blood Screenwriting Contest.
This is the contest that has launched the careers of writers of horror, thriller and suspense. We welcome all feature script screenplays in those genres. Micro-budgets, low budgets, medium budgets, blockbusters, it doesn't matter! Just bring the scares and thrills!
Our 2 top winners will have meetings with executives working in the horror/thriller/suspense genre. ALL finalists will have their loglines sent to a list of hundreds of industry executives Stage 32 works with including managers, agents, producers, development execs and more. The goal, as it is with all of our contests, is to provide access to executives who can move the needle on your career! 



Over the last 3 years, our New Blood contest winners and finalists have been signed, optioned, put in development, and secured high level meetings with some of the top executives and companies in the film industry.

  • Winners Alyssa & Griffin Devine have met with Dino De Laurentiis Company, The Asylum, Crypt TV, Good Deed Entertainment, Samaco Films, Chris Sparling, and HG5 Entertainment.
  • Winner Glenn Forbes signed with manager Infinity Management International. His script is now set up with Glider Films
  • Winner Frank Ponce signed with 3 Arts Entertainment and now has a mini-series in development with Atlas Entertainment (American Hustle) and Universal
  • Finalist William Jeffrey's script is now under consideration at the Safran Company

For year 4 we're casting an even wider net for our finalists and winners in an effort to make sure that each one is given the ultimate chance at success!



  • The Grand Prize Winner will meet with the Stage 32 judges: Daniel Bekerman (Producer, Scythia Films, The Witch, Rememory), Korey Pollard (DGA, Halloween, Salem, Deadwood), Dan Ingram (Executive, Dino De Laurentiis, Hannibal, Dune, Red Dragon), Rudy Scalesce (Producer, New Nightmare, 6 Souls, Ritual), Christian Taylor (Producer, Taylor Lane Productions), Shaun O'Banion (Producer & Crew, Scream 3, The Matrix Reloaded)
  • The 2nd Place New Blood Winner will receive exclusive online meetings with executives, managers and/or producers
  • Thirteen New Blood Finalists will have their loglines shared with over 500 industry executives, managers, agents and producers

This is an opportunity not to be missed. Let’s scare up some success!



Stage 32 is looking for scripts in all areas of horror, thriller, and suspense. If your script fits in with any of these examples below, it’s a fit for this contest! **Please note this contest is for full-length screenplays only. No short scripts or teleplays will be accepted.

  • Psychological Suspense: Split, Shutter Island, Green Room, Se7en, Silence of the Lambs, The Game, The Usual Suspects, American Psycho
  • Crime Thrillers: John Wick, The Snowman, Wind River Fargo, Prisoners, The Counselor, No Country For Old Men, Blood Simple
  • Contained Thrillers: 47 Meters Down, The Shallows, Buried, Phone Booth, Open Water, Hard Candy, Panic Room
  • Destruction Thrillers: Geostorm, The Wave, San Andreas, Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Independence Day
  • Revenge Thrillers: Blue Ruin, The Handmaiden, 13 Assassins, Kill Bill, Taken, Oldboy, Death Wish
  • Sci-Fi Thrillers: Children of Men, Gravity, Interstellar, Alien, Inception, The Matrix, Blade Runner, Minority Report
  • Spy Thrillers: Atomic Blonde, November Man, Safe House, The Bourne Identity, Ronin, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, True Lies
  • Horror: The Babadook, The Witch, It Follows, Saw, Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Exorcist, Annabelle: Creation
  • Ironic Horror: Get out, Scream, The House in the Woods, Scary Movie, Zombieland
  • Found Footage Horror: Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, The Last Exorcism, Alien Abduction


Have a great script? Enter here!




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