The Audience Speaks, But Does Hollywood Hear?

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

The movie going public sent Hollywood a loud an clear message this past weekend - We're tired of unnecessary remakes and played out franchises And, perhaps, enough with the 3D. Conan The Barbarian, Fright Night, and Spy Kids 4 all failed majestically at the box office. Although it finished a spot higher (#4 for the weekend) than Fright Night, Conan was clearly the biggest loser. The reboot cost an estimated 90M, but slumped badly with a 10.5M weekend.

Fright Night didn't fare much better. Another reboot, this time of a marginally successful 1985 film, it couldn't capitalize on the current, inexplicable, vampire craze. What the hell is Colin Farrell doing in a comedy/horror film anyway? But perhaps the more relevant question was: Is this film necessary? That question was answered to the tune of 8.3M in box office receipts. Fortunately for Dreamworks/Disney, the film cost only 30M. A loser is a loser, but some resonate more than others.

Finally, Spy Kids 4 didn't preview well and played worse. Hard to believe given it was filmed in 4D Aromascope -  If only Hollywood put as much time into thinking about creative projects as they do into creative marketing. The film earned 12M for the weekend. The franchise is officially dead.

The spotlight continues to be on The Help, a film that would have had no chance getting made if it had been an original screenplay. Another 20+ mil for the weekend and a 70+ cume in a little over 2 weeks. The Oscar buzz begins. A movie for adults ripe with drama? With topical issues? With crossover appeal? With no vampires? Surely a mistake.

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