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The 19th edition of the On Stage With RB online webcast was over 3 hours long…and it included a Santa hat and some incredible industry guests!


To watch the December 2015 On Stage With RB, click here!


Up first was filmmaker Jon Reiss who is an expert on marketing and distribution. RB and Jon go over how the distribution landscape has changed over the years. They then go over how to identify and engage your audience. They also take time to go over the various distribution options.

Next, RB had on Patrick Raymond, creative executive at Mandalay Pictures who went over what exactly a creative executive does on a day to day basis. They talk about Patrick’s upcoming film that is going to Sundance THE BIRTH OF THE NATION, and what went along with getting it to that point. He goes over deconstructing scripts – what is he thinking by 10 pages? What is he thinking by 25 pages? They talk about how and why a creative executive might select a project to develop. He gives invaluable advice on the biggest mistakes writers make in scripts.


Then, RB opened up the floor to a 2 hour long Q&A with the Stage 32 community including:

  • Can we watch this webinar again from the Stage32 Website?
  • Do you ever have webinars that are about acting?
  • What's the best way to get an agent- specifically for a writer/director? Thanks!
  • Could you speak to the absence of originality in Hollywood right now? A lot of people think that Hollywood is running out of original ideas (proved by the amount of sequels coming out this year: star wars, hunger games, mad max, star trek, terminator...) Do you see evidence of original scripts being successful?
  • Any resources or ideas on how to promote filmmaking in the state of Michigan. Lots of talent here, but many left when our state film (tax) incentives got axed. What is the best way to promote the film industry here for those of us who are left?
  • How frequently do you recommend keeping in touch with an audience via social media when releasing a film online?
  • Do you think these techniques apply to television production as well as filmmaking?
  • I have two questions: what is difference between crowdsourcing a film and crowdfunding a film.
  • What is the best way to go about getting investors on board?
  • Do you have any advice for a screenwriter looking to move into directing a first feature?
  • I'm trying to find a study job in the film industry of Calgary, AB Canada. Just so I can live sustainably whilst developing my scripts and personal projects on the side. What kind of jobs would you recommend that I seek out?
  • I think all of us will agree on one thing: you answered hundreds of questions so far and we’re all thankful for that. From time to time you didn’t know the answer to a specific question. I’d like to thank you even for not knowing the answer, because that motivated me to start searching for answers myself. Thank you again for the motivation and for sharing all the little secrets with us. Happy holidays to you and to every member of your team and don't ever stop doing this.
  • Screenwriting Coach vs. Manager. As a new writer, which should I seek out first?
  • When it comes to financing a film, are there funding cycles the Executive Producers allocate on a fiscal basis? He is asking if there are "cycles" like in TV. In TV, you submit pilots and such in January because that's when they're looking to buy.
  • If I already have a pilot under consideration with a production company but nothing signed yet, is it worth mentioning that status in a new pitch to a manager/agent to build interest?
  • How old are you guys? And is there a practical upper age limit for screenwriters?
  • Is Amazon's screenwriters submission site for real? Has anything real ever come from it?
  • I'm new to the area of screenplays and recently learned of the term "throughline." Can you please explain more on this?
  • What are RB's thoughts on writers utilizing or creating their own streaming web television stations or webseries?
  • How are you doing today? King Louie
  • I saw on your social media that you saw HATEFUL EIGHT, what did you think?
  • Hi RB, what do you look for in a project or script when you wear different hats, i.e. as an actor, writer, and producer?
  • What is your personal process for rewriting? How do you go about figuring out what to tackle first?
  • Have you ever considered making Stage 32 as management/agent type of agency?
  • On the other side of the fence, I’m a director and struggle when my screenwriters give me too much exposition. I’d like your insight on how to approach rewrites with my screenwriter.
  • I went to the National Association of Television Programming Executives Conference last year. In the panel discussions the Programming execs were bewildered by all of the different kinds of content and the fact that the length of each varied so completely. Instead of the traditional 22 minute/half hour and the 43 minute/hour programs webisodes engage audiences in 6 or 11 or any length of segments. Their biggest worry was how to monetize these new forms of content. Do you have ideas for how new comers can create income with their content?
  • How do you balance social promotion without going over board? I get quickly bored and upset when I see someone posting daily about their book, script, etc. and tune out, but you do have to mention your project. How many times should you push something?
  • I am starting a production company in Tampa and am in the middle of writing a business plan for it. What are your thoughts on how to grow and build a production company.?
  • Did you do an episode of Criminal Minds - playing a medical examiner?
  • Hi RB, How has your writing style changed from your first script to what you're working on now? What have you learned over the years in regards to screenwriting and how have you applied what you have learned to improve your screenplays?
  • I just got back from the Bahamas Residency Program last week... a few days later I received an email that a Mentor wrote to loop me in with his Head of Production and we have a phone call scheduled for this Friday... I'm really nervous... I have no idea what to expect that they might want to discuss with me.... any ideas?
  • Does you have any advice for screenwriters looking to transition into writing for television?
  • If you have received several "passes" on your projects do you get on some insider industry list as someone to not take seriously?
  • Do you know of any good film publicity firms in LA? I'm interested in working in film marketing campaigns while I continue to keep writing.
  • Do you sleep?


You don't want to miss this incredible edition of On Stage With RB!

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