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All over the world, we are all navigating the "new normal" that these uncertain times have thrust upon us. Between quarantine, social distancing, set closures and more, the future of the entertainment industry is uncertain at best... but there is a lot of good that is happening right now. Last week, I had the chance to sit down with my brother from another mother, Alex Ferrari at Indie Film Hustle for what I think is my 7,643rd podcast appearance. As always, Alex and I came informed, researched and ready to inspire, motivate and lay down some raw truths. We pulled back the curtain on what we are seeing and hearing right now as it relates to the entertainment industry during the COVID-19 pandemic to show you that things are not all gloom and doom. In fact there are far more opportunities available right now than you might imagine.

In this epic two-hour, no bullshit conversation, we took a fun, lively and no holds barred approach to catching you up on all the things going on behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. I invite you to pour yourself a cup of joe or your favorite adult beverage and tune in. I promise you'll learn quite a bit, get the real truths, find inspiration and motivation, discover some competitive advantages you can put into play right now, and have many laughs along the way.


The Film Industry and COVID-19 (The RAW Truth) with Richard Botto // Indie Film Hustle


Here are just some of the topics we covered to help you stay educated, inspired, and motivated while in quarantine:

  1. How COVID-19 is changing the entertainment industry (both now, and in the future)
  2. What going online with festivals and markets looks like
  3. Why there are more opportunities in development than ever
  4. What filmmakers, writers, actors, and producers can be working on while in Quarantine to be prepared for when things level out
  5. Right now, Streamers are looking for low-budget unscripted shows and “quarantine comedy”
  6. How Stage 32 Screenings was born to help filmmakers affected by live festival cancellations
  7. What the cancellations of live festival screenings means for official selection filmmakers, and what options they have as alternatives
  8. How to get motivated during quarantine: networking, education, creating
  9. What the future of the “movie theatre experience” looks like in a post COVID-19 world
  10. How working on set will change after COVID-19
  11. How to build relationships and win champions - no hand sanitizer required
  12. What you should do if you have a finished film right now
  13. How to package your film to provide the most value to buyers
  14. Do your research - don’t get lost in the internet rabbit hole of bad information
  15. Bonus! What’s the hype behind TIGER KING?

All of this and more in RB & Alex's Film Industry COVID-19 talk!

Click here to watch, download, or listen - there are tons of ways to take in this epic podcast. And when you're done listening, please do pay it forward and share!


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