The First Annual Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Contest

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Posted by Richard "RB" Botto
Update: Congratulations to our judge David Lancaster, who was just nominated for an Oscar!

In our biggest screenwriting opportunity yet, we are thrilled to bring you The Stage 32 Happy Writers Annual Feature Contest. Sign up here! We are looking to find the top undiscovered writers and the best feature scripts of 2015. As a result of our history with industry insiders and our global reach, we are able to connect the top writers from around the world to leading executives who can make a difference in their career. We develop and champion our writers and our executives certainly agree, click here to see what they say about us. Also, our success stories speak for themselves.

This year alone FOX broke the box office record bringing in $5.5 billion worldwide. From BIRDMAN, UNDER THE SKIN, BOYHOOD to NIGHTCRAWLER, movies are continuously pushing the boundaries and bringing the audiences memorable worlds, unique characters and adventures of all shapes and sizes. Feature films have the ability to persuade people to think and feel a certain way. It's one of the most powerful mediums the artistic universe has to offer. This contest is a way to showcase more worthy writers to the industry and help their voices be heard! And, the judges, you ask? Wait till you see them! Click here to find out who they are.

At Stage 32, we take access and exposure very seriously. To that end, we've lined up amazing opportunities for the top 10 writers of our feature contest. This year we will be flying out the top THREE Grand Prize winners of The Stage 32 Happy Writers Annual Feature Contest to Los Angeles! Each winner will meet with 10 executives from top literary and production companies all around Hollywood. In our previous contests, our winners met with executives from Relativity, Revolver, Atlas Entertainment and Circle of Confusion to name a few. And, as if that isn't enough, the top three Grand Prize Winners will also get unlimited access to a Stage 32 Happy Writers team member who will continue to champion their work for one year. With over 300 executives in our roster (many of them working exclusively with Stage 32), that Stage 32 Happy Writers team member will act as a gateway for the writer to gain access to the industry's leading companies and executives in Los Angeles, New York and London.

Plus, we are also offering our Second through Fifth Place Winners amazing opportunities including one-on-one meetings over Skype with our executives. And, in addition, 3 Honorable Mentions will also receive a Stage 32 Happy Writers online pitch session with the executive of their choice and a free screenwriting class on the subject of their choice. All of the Second through Fifth Place and Honorable Mention Winners will have their loglines mailed directly to over 300 executives. That's right. Ten writers will place in this contest!

But that's not all. As we all know, screenwriting is an extremely subjective craft. Some very deserving scripts may make the finals but not move on. In this contest, that's OK. We're still creating opportunity by placing all our finalist's loglines on a special section of Stage 32 that only our 300+ executives can access. If any request your script, we will notify you and ask your permission to forward your work.

We have worked tirelessly to come up with the best possible opportunities for our writers from all over the world. With that, we are extremely proud to introduce our Stage 32 Happy Writers First Annual Feature Contest.

To read more about the contest and to sign up, click here!

If you have any further questions, you can contact Joey Tuccio, President of the Stage 32 Happy Writers at

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