The Next Five Weeks

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

We'd like to wish all of our US based Stage 32 members a very Happy Thanksgiving. We hope your day is filled with friends and family, love and appreciation, wonderful food and football. To the rest of our community, we wish you a happy, healthy, and creative Thursday. We appreciate you all.

This past week, I was having dinner with some producer and writer friends.  We went around the table and each of us spoke about our year.  Where we've been.  Where we're going.  Goals achieved and those still hanging in the ether. 

Eventually, it was our friend Mike's turn to stand under the spotlight.  Mike is a long time producer with numerous credits to his name.  We're convinced he runs on rechargeable batteries.

"Pass," Mike said.

"Whaddaya mean pass?  Why?" I asked.

"Year ain't over yet."

We all looked at one another.

Point taken.

So…What's your plan for the next five weeks?  Going on a few more auditions?  Finishing that first draft?  Finding cast and crew for your project?  Or maybe just moving those chess pieces in an effort to set yourself up for the most prosperous 2014 imaginable?

Let's discuss and finish up the year strong.  

And let's help each other wherever possible!


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