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Next week will mark two years since we launched Stage 32. During our first phase of development, we approached various industry friends and colleagues and asked them to help us populate the network by inviting at least 5 fellow creatives to the community. To our surprise and pleasure, the concept of Stage 32 was so well received many went above and beyond, inviting twenty, thirty, and in a few cases more than fifty people to become first adopters.

By the time we officially launched Stage 32, the community was a little over 10,000 strong. Today, Stage 32 is home to well over 150,000 creatives from all over the globe. It's been an amazing couple of years, but the best is yet to come.

From the beginning, we envisioned Stage 32 to be much more than just a social network. "Education" and "opportunity" were two words thrown around often in our early brainstorming sessions. As someone who believes that no matter what your talent level there is always more to learn, bringing an educational aspect to the site has always been a top priority. And although networking in itself creates opportunity, there has always been a desire to introduce other elements which would increase the odds of success for our members.

But first we had to build the network. As we conceived and constructed the first phase, we planted the seeds for our future goals. On the education front, the blog became a focal point. And we've been fortunate to have some amazing guest bloggers generous enough to take time out of their busy lives to share their experiences with the community in an effort to instruct and guide. It's perhaps the one area of the site of which I'm most proud.

On the opportunity front, and in an effort to give all 32'ers a voice, we introduced the Stage 32 Lounge. For my money, the conversations happening within the Lounge are some of the most intelligent, educational, and exciting anywhere on the web.

Finally, we created Introduce Yourself Weekend, which has been a smashing success thanks to the ambitious souls who populate this community. Nearly two million connections have been made during these monthly three-day networking fests creating remarkable synergies which have led to employment, collaboration, sales, and representation.

Now it's time to take it up a notch.

Over the next few months we will be introducing a variety of features and events which will focus on furthering education and increasing opportunity no matter what your talent level or where you are in this big beautiful world geographically.

We will announce our first event this Wednesday. And it's a big one.

I thank you for all of those who have supported us since our inception and those of you who joined us along the way. The community makes the network, and we're blessed to have the most creative, selfless, and driven community on the planet.

Let's rock...


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