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Happy Saturday Stage 32 Fam!

We are all adapting to the ever-changing COVID production guidelines and trying to get back on set safely.

Long-time Stage 32 member, screenwriter, and filmmaker Alan C. Baird has gathered a list of production health and safety resources to help you do just that! Thank you Alan for sharing these resources with the Stage 32 community!

We have also included several free Stage 32 webinars at the end that can help you stay up-to-date on how the entertainment business has been operating during the pandemic. 

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Film & TV Production COVID Resources!

The following list includes several COVID production safety training courses and manuals I have found in my ongoing research! These resources focus on the health and safety aspects of working on set during the pandemic. 

  1. Safe Sets International 
    • COVID-19 (Level A) Course & Safety Certificate
    • At the end of this (free) training course, you will receive a COVID safety certification
  2. Screen Skills 
    • Coronavirus basic awareness on production training [UK]
    • Free 40 minute course on COVID production safety
  3. Georgia Film Academy 
    • Free courses dedicated to COVID safety in specific departments including: 
      • Craft Services
      • Hair and Makeup
      • Art Department
      • Camera Department
      • Sound Department
      • Costume Department
      • Grip & Electric
      • Production Office
      • and General On-Set Safety
  4. Health Education Services 
    • COVID-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO/HSS) Course [US]
    • Training for this new on-set position
  5. First Option
    • Managing COVID-19 Risks Course [UK]
    • Various online (paid) courses for UK COVID Production safety
  6. First Option Production Guidance
    • COVID-19 Production Protocols [UK]
    • 28 page Free PDF with Production safety guidelines
  7. First Option COVID Manual
    • COVID-19 Production Manual "Yellow Book" [UK]
    • A comprehensive (paid) manual of COVID production safety and protocols 
  8. Production Safety Guidelines
    • (DGA/SAG/IATSE/etc.) 
    • An ongoing list of union production safety resources
  9. Producers Guild COVID Protocols
    • PGA’S COVID Safety Protocols [US]
    • Free PDF
  10.  COVID-19 Contact Tracing Course from Johns Hopkins University
    • (Free) General COVID health and safety course


Top 10 Film  TV Production COVID Resources


If you are looking for information about what has been going on in the business side of entertainment during the pandemic, Stage 32 has several free COVID webinars you can check out: 

PRODUCING: Producing Projects in the New Normal with Oscar-Nominated Producer Chris Moore & Stage 32 CEO Richard "RB" Botto

TV COMEDY: The Current State of the TV Comedy Industry During COVID-19

ANIMATION INDUSTRY: The Current State of the Animation Industry During COVID-19

TELEVISION INDUSTRY: The Current State of the Television Industry During COVID-19

ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS: The Current State of the Entertainment Industry During COVID



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